Unleash Your Potential and Become Bigger than Yourself

What if someone were to tell you that you think small? Perhaps you would react violently and maybe even try to defend yourself. 

But then again, at the back of your mind, you can't help but agree. When was the last time you thought about how your actions affect the world? Did you think of the environment when you bought that coffee frappe from the coffee shop this morning? Did you consider the working conditions of sweatshops when you bought that cheap sweater?

There is something larger than life that people often overlook. The small mind is the one concerned only with themselves. They want what they want when they want it. They avoid doing things that may hurt them at the moment. They value themselves so much that the only fear they have is something that would strip them of their privileges. 

Small thinking causes the suffering of a lot of people. People who think small tend to procrastinate, worry about what others think about them, and allow distractions into their lives. It is a small world, and it is easy to get trapped. 

How do you cure "small thinking"? Open your mind. Think big. There is something bigger out there.

How Do You Start to Think "Big?"

How do you help yourself become better than who you are today? Do you fight for a great cause? Do you think about how others feel? Would you consider helping to save the environment? 

If you think there is something more that you can do for yourself and the world, here are some tips to help you make it happen:

Begin each day with a heartfelt intention in mind

Every morning, when you wake up, make sure to think about what you intend to do. What do you need to accomplish? Write it down. When you put it into writing, not only does it become more than just a thought, but it turns into a responsibility. Never lose sight of what needs to be done. Focus yourself on what needs to be achieved on that day and work hard to complete that. 

Figure out how you will act whenever things don't go your way. 

You might be too focused on accomplishing the task that you don't know if you can tolerate things or people not doing what you expect them to do. Visualize yourself in stressful situations. It may be challenging to keep your cool, but try very hard not to lose focus. Be ready to carry out a plan but also lend a helping hand when others cannot do what you expect. Manage your expectations. Give room for people to make mistakes and try to help as much as you could. You will feel better doing it. You are also saving others from more stress. 

Challenge yourself to always look at things in a positive light. 

Let any trials that come your way help you develop a compassionate personality. How do you turn an enemy at the office into a good friend? Challenge yourself. Be nicer. What's the worst that will happen? The goal is for you to learn how to carry out a plan that you have envisioned inside your head. When you challenge yourself to do more than what you are used to, you will rise to the occasion and be better. 

Encourage yourself to learn more so that you can be more. 

Learning never stops for people who always have their best interests in mind. There will always be an opportunity to learn, so go ahead and grab that chance. Even the ugliest moments in life can turn into educational opportunities. 

What Is Bigger Than Yourself?

What does it mean to think big? It means to believe in something other than yourself. It means that you think about others whenever you make decisions that will change your life. Remember that everything you do affects the people around you. Your growth and your survival affect everything else in your life. 

An example of thinking small and starting to think big

Imagine yourself talking to a family member that you don't like. You begin to throw insulting words, but you don't hear them talk back. You got pissed off because you thought that the conversation would turn into an argument. You were prepared for an argument, but you didn't get it. 

The moment ended with them walking away. You made them feel bad. You made them feel less worthy of your attention or your love. Slowly, you feel guilty about what you just did. You know that they don't deserve to be treated that way. And then it dawned on you. When did you become such a mean person? How could you intentionally say hurtful words to someone? 

What if it did not turn out the way it did? What if you got into an argument? What if you threw spiteful words at each other? You would begin to fight. You would begin to dig into the family history and talk about anything and everything you don't like about each other. You would hurt each other with more words of disrespect. If the situation ended that way, would you have felt better? 

You know you wouldn't. Sometimes, when you think about what you want to do or say what you want to say and just do it, you end up hurting others. Every step that you take and every little thing that you do, you must consider how it would affect others. Before you react, think, "How will this person feel?"

Be more compassionate.

Think beyond yourself or your needs. It is important to consider how you feel, but always choose to be the bigger person in the situation. How will your actions affect the lives of other people? That's where you begin to become a bigger person with a great mind. You don't think small when you consider other people and the world. 

When you open your mind, you begin to explore fresh ideas, unbound by judgments, and full of love. When you make this shift, it would be the best gift you give yourself.

After all, there is nothing more rejuvenating than an open mind and a loving heart. 

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