How Astral Projection Benefits Your Personal Growth

Around 5% to 10% of the world’s population has claimed to have experienced astral projection, according to the study of Cecelia’s Psychics. In fact, it is something that the US government has been interested in exploring. Given these facts, it’s only fair to wonder if this practice has any benefits to a person’s spirituality as a whole. So on that vein, are there any direct benefits to your growth if you are able to astral project?

Basic Information

The whole concept of astral projection is often compared to disassociation, according to Deganit Nuur, an Intuition Expert, which is why she says that it should be approached carefully and consciously. Astral Projection involves properly visualizing your astral cord which will serve as a link between your astral self and your physical body. So it is important that you do not attempt to astral project on your own. If you are able, it is best to seek out experts that can offer you tips and guidance so that you do not apply undue stress on your psyche and spirit.

Increase In Spirituality

One of the benefits of astral projection is the growth of the realization that there is more to existence and life than what is previously known, says Abhishek Agarwal of Astral Project Now. This practice takes you beyond the physical plane of existence. So it follows that tapping into astral projection can stimulate the growth of your spirituality. Seeing that there is more beyond the scope of physical existence provides insight toward your own spiritual nature.

Discover Your Purpose

One of the primary reasons why people feel a disconnect with their lives is the cognitive overload they experience, according to David DiSalvo, an author. Accessing a heightened plane of existence can certainly put things in perspective. It’s a lot like going on a plane and looking out the window while mid-flight. Reaching spiritual heights allows you to see what you should prioritize and what your purpose is. Astral projection can help make troubles seem so far and insignificant in the grander scheme of life.

Psychological Healing

Astral Projections require concentration and awareness. It can be difficult to attain for those that carry a significant amount of psychological stress or burdens with them. However, once achieved, astral projection can offer relief and healing in a psychological sense. Being made aware that there are larger things at work in life and in the universe is a good way to realize that your problems are not always tethered to you. Aiming to achieve astral projection is a good way to release your burdens and commit to healing.

Astral Projection will continue to be a topic that is questioned, critiqued, and doubted. However, the concept of growth and spirituality is something that is deeply rooted in personal belief and is therefore highly subjective. It is always best to tune out the noise and ground yourself in what you and your energies are better spent on. At the end of the day, it is always worth exploring what you and your spirituality can benefit from and be pleasantly surprised at the growth you can find.


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