Spirit Science 9 ~ Astral Projection

Astral Projection, commonly called “Out of Body Experiences” or “OBE” for short, is the process of consciously leaving your physical body to consciously explore different dimensions other than the physical. Astral projection is something we can all do, even if it seems bizarre or impossible for those who have never heard of such a concept.

That’s right! You can practice it right now with determination, practice, and patience. The previous episode talked about the importance of mediation, and that practice is fundamental in learning to astral project easily.

In order to enter into an astral state, you must be able to relax your body and quiet your mind, for your consciousness to begin tuning itself to a different dimension. Once you are detached physically, you will feel a sense of openness or freedom and allowing your thoughts to guide your spirit wherever it wants to go.

Astral projection often is compared with Lucid Dreaming, and both are very similar in nature. Lucid Dreaming is entering into an astral state from an already-sleeping state of being, where Astral Projection is entering into the same state directly from your waking consciousness.

For many people, it can be a very intense experience, and the first time may even scare those who aren’t ready or are otherwise unsure of what’s happening. Nevertheless, the experience is often described very similarly by many people – ort of like popping out of your body at first. Many people report floating above their sleeping bodies, seeing their room in the most amazingly beautiful and iridescent light.

Those who have tried it have found that upon taking the experience further, they can travel anywhere in the universe simply with the intent to do so, and explore the astral dimension. This is seen as a collective plane of thought-form consciousness where many different beings live and visit, but scientifically is still not acknowledged or understood.

Traditionally, the Astral Plane is seen as existing within the greater mental plane, so there could be many trickster spirits that don’t exist solely from the heart residing here. It can be a confusing place, so learning about it first can help navigate your first experiences there.

To begin your journey into astral projection, the biggest asset you have is your will to do so. If you practice meditation regularly and ask your higher self for an astral experience, you may just find yourself out of body sooner than you think.



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