Conspiracy Theory of Everything 9 ~ Ascension (The Grand Finale!)

Our liberation and transcendence truly happen through revelation. The word itself stems from the meaning "the disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency," as well as “unveiling” or “uncovering” of sorts. And as we’ve seen so far, humanity is undergoing an exponential increase in veils being lifted lately, and we are seeing life being stirred up and changed like never before. One analogy we might use here is as if humanity has been in the dark for so long, isolated by socioeconomic and cultural divides - and yet with modern technology, it would seem as though the lights are collectively turning on - but there is so much light, all at once - that it is blinding to us. Despite our access to so much information today, we are still blind… that is, while we allow time for our eyes to adjust. Yet, the root of revelation doesn’t just speak to veils lifted, but our disclosure from a divine origin.

Belief systems and ideologies are challenged in mass as new information asks us to reassess our identity paradigms. As this happens, those who are willing to explore new ideas grow - and those who rail against anything new only burrow deeper into their existing paradigm. Even in the new world we are creating; there are bound to be different paradigms that people live within. 

We must remember that some people are filled with hate, negativity, and suffering - all of which are descending from their pain, which inhibits their higher consciousness and keeps them rooted in a lower state. This does not mean that they are bad people, for the only real remedy is compassion. No matter how far disconnected from their soul may someone be, they can always come back from the light. However - the only way for this to occur is if they genuinely want to - for unless someone seeks their salvation, they will never end up finding it. Thus, it doesn’t matter if someone spends their time living in a VR reality for years, abuses their bodies, or even in some future fact - travels through the universe. All paths can be taken, but only one way leads to the liberation of the soul - and that is the path within. 

May this be a lesson for all of us too, for if we are afraid of the darkness within us and others, and we attempt to quell it by attacking it with anger and hate, then we lessen our vibration and reduce ourselves to the same state of consciousness as that which we are fighting. Evil begets evil, and in the words of a wise Jedi Master - Fear leads to anger… Anger leads to hate… Hate leads to suffering.

Hence, the right solution to humanity's salvation, or the reconnection of our souls as we discussed so long ago, is through genuine and authentic compassion. By elevating our consciousness to such a degree that our light radiates to those around us, and we become instruments of sacred and transformative change by the goodness we embody.

And while this may sound to some like Spiritual Woo, the discoveries around this today have the power to radically change everything we think we know about both science and religion. These discoveries speak to a more in-depth, primary, and more intrinsic understanding of the nature of who we are and our place in the cosmos, as well as the abilities that we have and may inherit. Speaking to the nature of consciousness itself, these discoveries are so paradigm-shattering that life on earth as we know it will never be the same once the knowledge becomes commonplace among the general public… That is if it’s ever allowed to get there. 

For a long time, our perception of spirituality has been governed by the world's religions, and our perception of the universe and life itself has been governed by science. Movies like Zeitgeist outline and identify ways in which the religious institutions have monopolized people in many ways. In contrast, others today, such as Rupert Sheldrake's “The Science Delusion,” demonstrate how science has been used to shepherd people into a mindset of materialism, keeping us locked into a paradigm of physicality and nothing more. 

Yet even still, these two voices of science and religion have been at odds for a very long time, sharply criticizing each other or otherwise outright refusing to acknowledge each other or their many merits and wisdom that they bring forth.

Despite this, today, new revelations about the nature of consciousness stand to shatter the illusion of separateness, destroy the dogma we’ve clung to for so long, and give us a foundational blueprint to create a new world for ourselves… It’s how we can make heaven on earth. All that’s required is our full participation. 

One example of this is found in Dr. Bruce Lipton's work with the Biology of Belief, which explains with profound scientific logic that our beliefs and self-identity are a product of our environment and that as we think it - so shall we become. His work describes that if we spend our lives believing that “My family had a hereditary disease, so I’ll have it too,” - you are consciously and subconsciously programming your body with signals that will facilitate you creating that outcome, and of course - this belief can come from our parents and family or the environments we expose ourselves to. 

When we look at all of our childhood programmings together, we find today a mashup of countless media programs and entertainment, news stories, passed down rhetoric, and ideas we received from friends and others around us. Who the experiences of those around us today shape us. While many of the lessons that we received growing up were good and valid, many others were merely long-held beliefs passed down for generations yet may not hold our highest interest at heart. Regardless, these beliefs shape our perspective of the world, and in that - how we behave and act, which leads us to create our destinies. 

As it would seem, many of the belief systems we hold onto disempower us from living our lives to the fullest. Further, many of the largest industries today are built upon previous paradigms, and so their continued growth means limiting this new understanding. We return here to the pharmaceutical industry; if you help someone cure their depression, it’s challenging to justify charging them thousands of dollars a year, for example. Far easier to assume that their depression or illness will be with them for a long, long time. 

We must understand that the environment has played a very significant role in our reality, even from the moment we were conceived and all of our experiences since birth. And while birth-defects do exist, Bruce’s research says that 95% of people have perfect DNA and can change how their genes express themselves if they will it so. For some, this may be easier than others, but it’s very empowering research nonetheless. Suppose we can change the signals our bodies are receiving. In that case, the thoughts and feelings we tell ourselves and receive from others, the places we live, the music we listen to, the food we eat, the entertainment we watch - all of these aspects will play a role in re-shaping our lives by influencing us from the surface to profound levels.,. As Bruce's work suggests, it doesn’t matter what ails you; if you can address the root cause and provide yourself with a stimulus of a higher vibration, you can heal anything. 

To add even more weight to the conversation of Science and Spirituality finding union - as we go back in time to explore our ancient world's practices, we find the roots of a spirituality steeped in mysticism. To many cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Native American shamans, and other aborigine tribes, we find a significant body of wisdom concerned with mystical and altered states of consciousness and the use of psychedelic plant medicine

Today, and thanks to some fantastic scientific pioneers such as Dr. Rick Strassman, and even the darker experiments we’ve explored already concerning psychedelics, these substances are potent tools that can be used in many ways. The Montauk experiments' stories say that people in the labs had their psychic abilities enhanced to the point where they could materialize objects out of thin air, but at the cost of their emotional and mental stability. This further alludes to the theories put forth by psychedelic scientists, who discuss and theorize that there may be other dimensions or realms of existence that seem to exist all around us, which psychedelics give us access to not just visualize, but interact with, enhancing our psychic abilities.

It is herein we find a powerful surge of revelation that pours through concerning science and religion, for it’s not entirely uncommon for several beings to visit you during your journeys, including meeting Ascended Masters such as Thoth, Jesus, or Buddha, magical beings such as Elves or Dragons, or even aliens of a wide variety of kinds. It’s almost as if to suggest that while material science has focused on understanding the workings of the 3rd dimension, religions of the world have more focus on interacting with these higher realms and the beings who inhabit them. While not the only method of communication and interaction with higher dimensions, Psychedelics do seem to be a potent tool for bridging our consciousness with higher worlds and connecting the gap between the material and the immaterial. 

And this is only one of several uses of psychedelics, for just as much as they may expand our sensory awareness outside of us into other planes of existence, so too do they raise our awareness inside of us, bringing to light and visualizing the subconscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves - which may be used in shifting and restructuring our inner-consciousness. 

As the Institute of Noetic Sciences is proving today, along with what was put forth by Dr. Bruce Lipton, our consciousness and intention steers our reality, guides our focus, and therefore, our actions. As it relates to sacred ceremonies, treating it as a holy and sacred experience would yield entirely different experiences than treating it as a party drug. And so, while deep healing can happen with psychedelics, that doesn’t mean it WILL happen - it ultimately comes down to you.  

Today - a remarkable number of testimonials have been shared from those who have participated in sacred plant medicine ceremonies, especially when under the care of a real shaman. These kinds of traditions provide a sacred space for purging darkness, revealing profound truth, finding healing and forgiveness, and merging the soul. But it’s not just ayahuasca; even psilocybin is showing tremendous success rates in clinical trials for helping people to cure their depression, anxiety, or addiction to smoking, drinking, and other substance abuse, far above any other conventional methods for treating the same things. 

This is something we must take seriously, but we must also approach with caution. Just as much as there are genuine shamans and excellent pure-hearted healing centers, there are also plant medicine charlatans who will attempt to use the vulnerable states that the psychedelic state facilitates and use it for malicious or self-centered purposes. This can happen when space or the shamans' intention is not entirely aligned with the soul, nor authenticity or integrity. For this reason - we will only recommend healing centers that we have been to and verified their quality, such as Rythmia or Solara. You can learn more about these places using the links below. We highly recommend watching our Youtube movie “Are Miracles Real ~ The Secret Mysteries of Ayahuasca” if you haven’t already. 

Set, Setting and Substance are all critical for planting medicine healing - and often, just doing something locally, in a city, with untrained shamans, or just going with the cheapest option available can do more damage than good. Someone who might genuinely benefit from a ceremony could, all the same, have a psychotic breakdown if they have too much in an improper environment or with shamans who are unfit to deal with the depth of psychic energy that is released by the medicine. 

And to that end - this may very well be one of the aspects of Psychedelics that we as a species will have to grapple with, for their return to our lives in a meaningful way just as the ancient mystics practiced so long ago, comes with the revelation of a more in-depth, psychic connection with one another. This notion alone may bring a great deal of chaos with it, as we come to recognize that our thoughts and feelings are not isolated within us but extend beyond us in a field and intimately connect with others. This awareness will ultimately bring us together, but the fear of it will also drive many to oppose it and deny its existence violently. 

You see, one arcane piece of wisdom that may further add weight to this notion - is that change is a universal constant. Yet, our society and collective egos are often built upon a long-lasting sense of permanence. We often avoid change if we can, which leads to holding onto things for longer than we ought to, which creates more suffering in the process. 

Those who embrace these mystical states, who explore higher realms' nature, whether through plant medicine, meditation, lucid dreaming, or through other spiritual practices, a new paradigm begins to emerge. In this world - true transcendence becomes possible. The changes coming over the following decade will be much more comfortable than they may be otherwise. This has to be a personal choice for each of us, as many will choose to fight for the old paradigm, and the transition to the new maybe even more chaotic and uncomfortable for those who do. 

Just as the scientific paradigms go through profound change, revealing an even more connected understanding of reality, so too will the world’s religions be forced to transform. Suppose people in mass begin experiencing the ascended master avatars together in these higher worlds. In that case, religious separation falls away, as the many dogmas of the world break down, revealing a much more universal truth - True Unity Consciousness. The Demiurgic Consciousness can no longer survive within our bodies and minds. We discover that we truly are made in the image of the creator, meaning that the spiritual essence, call it God, Source, Spirit, or even Sophia if you prefer, is a creative essence, and this same power moves through us too - we are creators in our own right. All that has been created so far in our world is a result of our thoughts, feelings, and labor - and just as we have created a mass disconnection, so can we create connection, unity, and love. 

Yet, this is still not the end in the new paradigm's birthing process, for if we choose to embrace the paradigm of belief, we may allow ourselves to experience ascension. 

If we look back into ancient history, there are stories told about something so much more extraordinary in store for us, the freeing of earthbound limitations that keep us tethered to this plane of being. The concept of Ascension itself mostly came from the stories of Jesus as he rose to heaven after his resurrection, ascending to a higher plane. Still, we also see it spanning back through Greek, Indian, and even Egyptian Mythology, which told stories of beings who transformed into deities through their striving for Wisdom. The stories of the Greek Hermes Trismegistus are especially prominent here and what is written in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.  

According to what is told of Hermes Trismegistus, he was a man who mastered the three parts of the wisdom that makes up the whole universe, and in doing so, transformed himself into a God. These three parts are as follows. Alchemy - the union of matter and energies from one state into another. Astrology - the understanding of the cosmic cycles and how time and space bend and flow from state to form around us, and Theurgy - the knowledge of the spiritual practice, including magical rituals and the invocation of the divine powers and through us to produce lasting change. 

In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth - who is also often equated as being the same being as Hermes - it tells a story of how upon Ancient Atlantis, long before the Fall of Consciousness, a man named Chiquetet Arelich Volmalites sought after cosmic wisdom and made this the focus of his life and his devotion - and as a result of his efforts, putting all other earthly pleasures beside him, he found his way into sacred spaces unavailable to the masses, and in doing so became a God - a master of time and space - free to move bodily between dimensions, as well as through time. In these writings, Thoth, mirroring the words of Jesus Christ, tells us that we too may follow these pathways and may also attain these levels of consciousness if we should so desire. 

And from these kinds of stories, we must ask ourselves… Could it indeed be possible to master our bodies, our minds, and our consciousness to such a degree that we could break free from not only the limits of our human world but even the bonds of time, space, and gravity? What if, through our consciousness, we could perform feats and miracles that rivaled the ascended masters of the past? Stories of Jesus say that he could walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead… And after he returned from the dead, he lifted his body into the air and disappeared into heaven… How might we explain this scientifically, with our new understanding of consciousness? 

Looking at all of this - perhaps with enough conscious presence within the body and with a strong enough energetic field - we could begin to learn how to control the forces of nature. In science today, we know them as the Strong Force, the Weak Force, Electromagnetic Force, and Gravity. The strong force binds the atomic nucleus, the weak point controls radioactive decay, the electromagnetic energy binds molecules together, and gravity binds bulk matter. Out of these four, Gravity is the least understood, having a seemingly negligible effect on molecules or atoms due to their mass. Being a curvature in spacetime, it isn’t like the other forces, as it appears to be one of the fundamental guiding aspects of our reality. Gravity corresponds with the equivalence principle; unlike the other powers, if an object feels weightless, it is in an inertial frame of reference whether it is on earth OR space. In this sense, even if you were to move in a straight line, you would still fall towards an object of heavy mass due to spacetime being curved around heavier items. In other words, the “force” of gravity is somewhat of an illusion; instead, matter tells spacetime how to turn, and spacetime tells matter how to move. Nikola Tesla fundamentally disagreed that space was curved and beheld different Gravity theories - which are still contested today since Gravity is not very understood. 

The level of mastery we would require to overcome these forces, however, would be outstanding. Consider, to move your physical body into another dimension, or even through the time dimension, would require that you have such an incredible amount of conscious presence flowing through every molecule and atom of your body, and even understanding how these forces apply themselves to our bodies, to take our form from one state to another without losing limbs, organs, or even just becoming lost in time forever. On the one hand, this may be possible with enough technological know-how. On the other, true transcendent liberation may only come through utilizing the biological technology we’ve been given. 

With spiritual devotion, it is likely that the first aspect we would learn to manipulate would-be Gravity, giving us the ability to levitate and move our bodies in 3 dimensions through space by understanding and warping it around us. Then, greater levels of mastery will enable us to control the electromagnetic force, meaning our molecules. This may give us powers to change how our bodies appear and potentially even support our body's renewal long past what we usually consider possible. This may be the secret to physical immortality. After that, we could learn to consciously play with our atoms, supporting us in transforming our bodies and potentially other objects at will. Is this what Thoth described when he said he was free to move through time and space? Or could it be what was said about the ancient Lemurians and how they could change their bodies at will? 

As we master nature's forces, especially understanding the details at a subatomic level, we will also enable ourselves to become quantumly entangled through time and space. We may learn how to time travel or move into other dimensions of reality. We can travel throughout the universe and search for new planets and other species to connect with. As we explored previously, often stories of profound DMT experiences, people describe arriving in elaborate geometric cities and meeting light beings. While psychedelics can sometimes give us a glimpse of seeing these worlds temporarily, with a high enough level of mastery over the forces of nature, it may be possible to travel their bodily. 

However, what’s especially curious about this entire theory is that it seems to depend entirely upon our belief systems as to whether it becomes possible. Yet, this is self-evident by nearly all of our technological evolution today, and the speed at which we may attain these levels also depends entirely on us.

Think about it - if nobody ever had any interest in building a car, or collectively we didn’t believe that an automobile was possible, then we would still all be riding horses right now. There was a time when in mass, nobody thought it would be possible ever to set foot on the moon, until enough stories, like Jules Vern's writings, inspired enough imaginations, suddenly this once-impossibility became not just a dream, but an ambition. But had those books never been written, and the objectives never believed or considered, we certainly wouldn’t have rockets going up and down into the atmosphere regularly. 

Therefore, this may take no time at all, or it may take thousands of years for us to attain this level of mastery. It depends on us and our desire to reach into this kind of reality. For many, this future feels out of reach without significant help. Nearly all of us are lost to some degree within the demiurge, doing our best with the circumstances that have befallen us, and the amount of healing work spiritual discipline that needs to be done is tremendous. Further, not all souls are willing to embrace this information, for it is a new paradigm of belief that conflicts with their existing one. Thus it is far more comfortable and safer not to consider anything new. 

And that’s the ultimate caveat here. Just as we explored before - if you want to believe a belief system that doesn’t agree with the majority of the world, such as the earth being flat or even hollow, either way, your belief systems inform your actions, and this dictates the quality of your life. And then we have to ask the question… if someone believed in something completely untrue - but this person had a happier life, would we find the argument that this belief, even if incorrect, was a good one to hold? Asked more straightforwardly, is it better to be right or to be happy? It seems in the end, that’s for each of us to decide. 

For a while, so many look to these conspiracy theories with fear of the influence of control imposed upon them. Does that not also indicate that their beliefs limit what they can do based on what they believe is imposed upon them? However, if the highest level of creative powers behind all things in the universe is genuinely benevolent, as nearly every spirituality of the world has purported since the dawn of man, then that would also indicate that the deep state and all of the hostile powers that be are also apart of the divine order, even necessary for us for some reason, perhaps in learning the lessons of who we are on our incredible journey of discovery as humans. While indeed dark and terrible, these conspiracies could even be a fundamental necessity for ascension to occur one day in the future. 

For some, the Ascension Paradigm resonates true and sure; for others, there is doubt and skepticism. And indeed, it is for each of us to find our truth and embrace all that life has to offer us with open hearts and minds. What happens if you assume the Ascension path, but you still cannot fly at the end of your life? Does that make you wrong, or does that mean that you have more work to do on your soul path before you can get there? 

We may also be reminded of the legendary Four-Minute Mile, in which for as long as history can tell, humanity believed it was impossible to run a mile in only four minutes… That is, until 1954 when Roger Bannister completed the run in 3 minutes and 59 seconds… Then, like explosions going off around the world, the four-minute mile was broken, again, and again, and again - as the belief system that it was impossible was shattered, suddenly a new paradigm was entered, and now running four-minute miles are common-place. What this historical theory tells us is that it would only take one. Only one person could learn to levitate their body, coming forward and revealing their gift to the world… It would trigger the ultimate revelations, tremendous chaos most likely, as belief systems and paradigms shifted all over the world, and we began to emerge into a new, ascended reality. 

Then again - as we’ve seen time and time again, there are countless ways in which ideas like this are covered up, laughed at, insulted, or avoided altogether. As we’ve seen, the mainstream world likes to focus on specific things, at particular times, and facilitate micro and mass action through everything from fear to censorship. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this whole series, this information is out there, but it’s also not the most important thing to most people. But as long as the mainstream dictates the global conversation, and spirituality is hidden and veiled within entertainment as pure fiction, perhaps these future transcendent realities will always be just out of reach. As it's up to each of us to make personal decisions that steer us towards what we want, and realize that on the path up the mountain of transcendence lies an ever-increasing mountain of traps. The demiurge is very tricky, and it won’t let go unless you shine your light bright enough, freeing yourself from the veil of the night, for the nature of the demiurge is to steer us further into the illusions, and it is our journey to work our way out… 

But hey, it’s just a theory… A CONSPIRACY THEORY… of EVERYTHING! ! And you know what, the truth is - this is one of the goals we hold for ourselves within our mystery school - which was established to help facilitate the evolution of consciousness. Every day, this growing community is actively discussing and working towards this kind of work. Still, understanding that to get there, we must heal our inner wounds, balance our energies, and take leaps and bounds forward into embodying the highest expression of our souls. 

So if this message rings true for you, and you want to join us in this adventure, please use the link below to come and experience Spirit Mysteries, and let’s transcend together. 


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