Spirit Science 32 ~ A Brief History of Psychedelics

This episode explores an overview of the history of psychedelics and was made as a part of a team project with Collective Evolution.

The first recorded use of psychedelics doesn’t exist because it stretches way too far back in time, so many theories surrounding when and how the first usage actually was. Terence Mckenna is the pioneer of many psychedelic theories she first brought forth the theory that early prehistoric man found psychedelic mushrooms and began conceiving things in a new way.

Many ancient cave drawings depict almost identical images of humanoids with geometric waves shooting out of their heads, and even people with mushroom heads. There is still debate for when the first psychedelics were used, but the first concrete evidence points to hemp cultivation as early as 8,000 BC in Taiwan.

Then in 4,000 BC, there is evidence of the amanita mushroom being used by shamans in Siberia and in 3,000 BC ayahuasca was used in the Amazon jungles.

While widely debated, it is thought that Jesus himself used cannabis oil in his healings. All throughout history, there is a tremendous amount of psychedelic usage recorded along with very powerful visions and spiritual revelations.

In America in 1938, LSD was first created and 10 years later the first psychiatric experiments were being performed with it. The government continued to experiment with different psychedelics until the 60s when it became very widespread in America. Then, it was purposefully shut down and considered taboo again to ensure it’s powerful potential didn’t reach the masses.

Psychedelics have proven to expand our minds and explore our consciousness in ways that aren’t normally possible without having fully opened your energetic body yet. They help us observe aspects of our mental, emotional and spiritual selves that may not be otherwise explored in daily life. However, it is very important that you research carefully before experimenting with any natural substance, and remember to always create a positive and uplifting environment before doing anything, for just as these tools can lead to spiritual revelation, they can also open the door to everything you were trying to hide in your sub-conscious closet.


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