How To Manifest Your Ideal Relationship

Written by Joe G. Santos

In a COVID-19 world, intimacy has become scarce. Many countries are adhering to social distancing measures, consequently forcing people to spend months away from family and loved ones. Despite that, many couples and friendships have also met their impending expiry date for better or worse. It is no hyperbole to say that these have been (and are) astringently challenging times for everyone. The pandemic has pushed us to reevaluate all types of partnerships. The expectations we have of others have become much clearer. Yet, there is a specific group of people that, at first sight, get the short end of the stick, but upon further analysis, have a great blessing in their hands: singles. 

Understandably, if you are single, this may sound ridiculous to you. You must be asking yourself:

How can I find a partner without going on a date? 

Yet, distancing yourself from the standard dating tactics like showing off or trying to get attention—methods akin to a peacockcan allow space for more significant manifestations. Our minds bear great magnetic power, so why resort to such animalistic methods? This unprecedented alone time can give us that last push needed to get out of a scarcity mindset and instill a greater sense of faith in the Law of Attraction. Knowing that everything in this world is pure energy, taking an esoteric approach to manifesting your soulmate is not so bad of an idea. All the free time that came to some with the pandemic can be extorted to visualize the perfect relationship, elucidating the more challenging questions at the dawn of a new partnership. Envision The One now, to manifest them into your life, and so when they are made present, you can be sure of their identity.

The Law Of Attraction

We cannot discuss manifestations without at least briefly mentioning the Law of Attraction (LOA). Chances are you are already familiar with the concept, but it is always beneficial to review such a powerful law. The LOA, simply stated, is the universal law that dictates how much power our minds have over physical reality. Every thought you have has a physical counterpart that goes beyond time and space. The stronger the idea, the closer you are to experiencing the physical manifestation of what you imagine. With that awareness, setting time aside to envision the partner of your dreams is crucial. However, depending on how you go about doing so, the LOA can turn from blessing to a curse.

In terms of dating, the LOA is often tricky to manage. When we decide that we are ready to manifest the long-term relationship of our dreams, time and again, we focus far too much on the fact that such an individual is not yet present in our lives. Doubt can even make us question the existence of such a person. Before embarking on the journey of finding our soulmate, we first have to embody the certainty that they already exist and are on their way towards us. A soulmate’s very nature is that they are the most suitable partner for you, divinely designed for you and your self-development. And you are designed for them in turn. Considering that, what is already yours will never be denied by the Universe. 

Still, it is understandable how social distancing measures can make this process even more difficult. Yet with great faith, nothing is impossible. If we are flexible and focus on finding solutions to our problems instead of losing ourselves to hopelessness, we will find that we have everything we need to achieve our goals. Perhaps there is still a way to meet new people from a safe distance, and it has been right under our nose all along.

How To Use Dating Apps Mindfully

Often when we talk about spirituality and being mindful, technology is obscured in the discourse. There seems to be a false understanding that human technology is not of nature. That, unfortunately, can help propagate the mistaken belief that humans are separated from creation. We should look at the byproduct of humanity’s work—digital or not—as honey is the byproduct of bees. Undoubtedly, there is an obvious need to reconnect with nature and integrate human systems with the environment’s ecological and biological cycles. To achieve that, however, we have to incorporate this concept into all aspects of life. Our love lives are at the core of our daily social experience, so the holistic approach to bridging the gap between human inventions and our planet’s other structures should include perfecting the relationship between our body, mind, soul, and social technology. 

We cannot deny that technological advancements have also brought us closer together in many different ways. Occasionally dating apps can be frowned upon, but shifting the way we perceive and utilize it raises the technology’s vibration. Since the start of the pandemic, messages on Bumble and Tinder (the top dating apps as of September 2020) have gone up by 20% on average. This increase illustrates the impact of months of social distancing: we are craving interpersonal connections. Before the epidemic, it was not uncommon to see successful couples that started online. These success stories are a testament that relationships can grow organically in a digital world. Even if the technology is based around swiping left or right to judge a person by a short bio and a couple of pictures, what happens when we bring a higher level of awareness when interacting with it? Perhaps we can use the tools we are presented with to accelerate the manifestation of that special someone. Here are a few suggestions on approaching it differently and attracting the right person into your life.

Present your true self

Who are you even? It is a big question to ask, and a hard one to answer. The bio section of any social technology can seem daunting. It is often said that bios are the place to sell yourself; in a way, you are the merchant and the product, and the biography is your product description. Even if the analogy has some base, in a world where commerce is often associated with corruption, we transfer one thing’s pessimistic outlook onto another thing. Until we collectively heal our relationship with money and business, a better metaphor needs to take place. Instead of selling, why not present? You are a gift of the Universe, but have you ever stopped to think why? 

What do you do to lift the people you love? 

The bio can become an elevated section of your profile when you share meaningful, heartfelt information about yourself, especially in a dating setting. Being vulnerable can be terrifying to some, but we, as a collective, need to make space for each other to be emotional and true. When writing your description, do not think of what others want to read; that only nurtures our self-deprecating behavior. When you stand in pride of your vulnerability, that encourages self-love and serves as an example for others to do the same. Besides, is it not best to find a partner that appreciates you for who you are? A relationship where either of the parties is not being their true-self will indeed become the source of unease eventually. By putting yourself out in the open, you exercise the certainty that you are worthy of being loved unconditionally by yourself and others. Whoever is ready to love you will make themselves known.

Remember, you are dealing with people, not pictures

Most present-day games revolve around button pressing, and we should not underestimate how fun such a simple action can be. With the emergence of mobile games, pressing, clicking, and swiping has become endemic to modern-day entertainment. Data gathered on cellphone users’ app consumption shows that 33% of app downloads are mobile games. It is not surprising how this technology can instigate new habits in the people relishing in such captivating applications. We have to be careful not to gamify all aspects of mobile technology human interactions, however. 

The similarities between dating apps and some mobile games are unquestionable. While dating should be fun, as conscious users, we have to remember that real people lie at the other end of the button. It is not merely a game we are interacting with when we partake in virtual dating. On the other end of the screen is a person with emotions and experiences just as complex as ours. What happens when we take a second to make a short meditative gesture before we swipe left or right? As seen on Spirit Science 1: Thoughts, modern scientists have gathered a substantial amount of data that demonstrates that we are much more connected than we often think. By setting an intention to connect with the person on the other end of your phone’s screen, your chances of intuitively tapping into the right person for you could increase exponentially. An unworried action such as taking a deep breath and meditating on the person in question before you swipe can go a long way. It is also a healthy exercise that goes beyond the objectification of the human image. If we treat each other with respect even when we are not closely monitored, we can create a much more wholesome dating experience online and offline.

Good things take time

We live in a world of instant gratification where most things are within our fingertip’s reach. We have become far too accustomed to services that deliver us entertainment, information, resources, and even food at speeds unimaginable to our ancestors. The constant push for speed and efficiency has spilled over onto all aspects of life. Even though it is truly a blessing that we are rarely inconvenienced by the natural effects of time, some parts of life are best when not rushed. Human partnerships (especially romantic relationships) are an excellent example of that. It is common to see connections that end due to a scuttled start. When the end goal is togetherness for a lifetime, what is the point of hastily making decisions anyways?

Conversations in dating apps can surprisingly run into the issue of being too direct and lacking in emotional investment. There is a flaw in approaching these interactions like it is a job interview. Romanticism often starts with a “pointless” conversation, or a genuine but straightforward: “How are you?” It is vital to seek not to fill the void many people experience while single desperately. That, again, sends the LOA a message that you do not have what you desire. We must check ourselves and ponder on the reasoning of such a hurry. Relationships are not supposed to serve one person or the other, but it is a two-way street where both parties care and tend to each other’s needs. You cannot fully understand what the other person needs when you seek to fill the vacant position of “partner” as quickly as possible. This approach brings attention to the gamification of dating once more. The challenge is not to find the right sentences to use to ensure that person’s infatuation, but it is to find the best way to serve and make their lives better. Of course, your needs are just as important, but if the individual in question is right for you, they will have the same understanding that you co-create the destiny of your relationship, and that this process takes time.

The Next Steps

Of course, the suggestions above do not cover all the nuances of building a couple’s epitome. It takes work, belief, and patience to synthesize any of your aspirations. Using these tactics will ease the process, but it is essential to know that meeting in person is vital to developing a solid foundation for your future romance. At this time, it is hard to pinpoint a universal course of action to make that happen. With countries varying in their approach to alleviating the epidemic’s effects, social distancing rules wildly vary. For the most part, as we approach the later stages of the pandemic, we have seen more leniency towards closeness, and in-person dates are not so impossible in some countries. Still, recklessness is unnecessary. By following the guidelines of your country, you surely can make things happen. With the rise in popularity of Zoom and other remote meeting services, a virtual date can be an excellent way to get things started. You are the only obstacle you have to overcome to get the relationship you deserve. Technology has endowed us with fantastic tools to solve our problems; it is up to you to use them wisely.

When things are well on their way, though, how do you ensure the relationship lasts? Romantic or not, traversing human interrelationships takes a lot of practice to master. Luckily, Spirit Mysteries has launched a brand new course with practical tactics designed to help us better relate to one another. “How to Reprogram your Mind for Heart Centered Relationships,guided by Thais Gibson, the founder of the Personal Development School, is the course where you will find different strategies to regain control of your self. In the course, she explores methods to clear the traumas we carry with us, causing many blockages in the manifestation of prospering relationships. By studying and perfecting the relationship you have with yourself, others, and the rest of creation, you are sure to experience the romantic fairytale of your dreams. 

About the author: Joe G. Santos

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