How And Why To Practice Unconditional Love

articles meditation Sep 14, 2020

All is Love. Love is all. UNCONDITIONAL love.

Take a moment. Let us each sit with this very basic concept. There NOTHING but love. Love is more fundamentally the choice than it is the results of the choice.

Love is not something that you can negotiate away from. It is an essential component of life, and of consciousness.

  • Love of self
  • Love of all
  • Love of all people
  • Love of all things
  • Love of all stories
  • Love of all experiences. UN-CONDITIONAL LOVE. No conditions.

Unconditional love is not just love with a capital L. It is not just another emotion to work on:

  • Yesterday I worked on empathy.
  • Today I am working on joy.
  • Tomorrow, I’ll start thinking about working on unconditional love.

Unconditional love is THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL aspect of your reality that you experience in every moment.

Or rather, the degree to which you place conditions upon your already-existing abundant unconditional love source IS the degree to which you distort your experience away from that which your higher self desires for you.

The being-ness of unconditional love IS "God."

It may be more helpful to do a search and replace in any and all religious or cultural references to “God” with “Unconditional Love.”  If you do this, it may just make a lot more sense.

Any reference to "hell" can also be replaced with that of "separation" and any reference to "heaven" can be replaced with "unity."

The terms God, Hell, and Heaven have come to be identified with aspects of the reality that are somehow “out there” and disconnected, and not in our hearts, in our selves. This distortion was created as a loop to bring our consciousness back to separation, and to ultimately provide us with even greater learning in order to free ourselves through unity.

So, unconditional love is the idea that you, within your self, have absolutely no conditions on the perception or expression of love. None. You perceive and experience nothing but love, 100% of the time, no matter what.

Having any condition that you place on love, be it through experience or through perception, is the same idea as covering up the light that is shining within you. It is the idea that you are choosing to see separation instead of unity.

There is infinite love within you, and you are infinite love. Having the conditions on your love is basically the most fundamental thing that you can do to turn away from your truest essence. It is like telling the universe that you refuse to accept your true nature and therefore would like to go about trying something else. The universe, being unconditionally loving itself, will respect your wishes, and your experiences will reflect that choice. If you choose to have conditions on your love, then the universe will reflect that idea back to you in the form of conditions…there will be conditions if you choose them. You will not see unconditional love if you do not see it within your self, and seeing it in yourself is to express it and perceive it in your reality. Amazing paradox!

But, how do these “negative” experiences balance with the idea of unconditional love?

We have this idea that love is everywhere. The idea that the nature of the fabric of our reality is such that love is the only thing that actually exists.

It is the idea that there are simply different expressions of love, and that when we, the observer, observe those expressions of love, we tend to label them as “good” or “bad.”

It is much easier for our brains to recognize love in the form of a woman giving a coffee, some change, and a hug to a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk on her way to work. In basketball terms, that’s a layup. It’s REALLY easy to see that "love."

It’s not as common to be able to look at the experiences and the stories that are generally regarded as bad or evil or negative and see JUST AS MUCH love there.

Yet the reality is there. Everything is love.

Any moment that you choose to believe that there is not 100% love in your reality, your reality will reflect that right back to you.

A default looping occurs when we immediately jump to “how.” 

How can this possibly be love?  LOOK at HOW this person is acting?  LOOK at WHAT this person did to me?  This just isn’t love.

Just a little hint:  Any time that you are expressing that some other thing outside of you is NOT an expression of love, you are expressing love in the form of separation, as that perception is simply your choice to create that reality.

We are soon going to go into a place where you will be asked to bring into your awareness something that is challenging for you to see the love. But first, let's talk more about why before how.

Why Before How

In some cases, your brain cannot understand how something will happen, or how something works, or how to do something that it cannot find memory for how to do it.

If you find yourself asking your self a question that begins with “how,” such as how will this happen?  Or how does this work?  Or how do I do this thing? then, try to replace the word how with the word why. Replace nothing else in the question, only how to why.

As an example, let’s say you are asking the question, “How do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension?”  Try changing this to, “Why do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension?”  Notice that this is not, “Why do I want to move from the fourth to the fifth dimension?”  By asking the question in the former way, you are implying that you do not need to want to move from the fourth to the fifth dimension in order to do so, but rather, that it is simply inevitable, or perhaps, there are some governing characteristics of the environment that propel your perceived movement from the fourth to fifth dimension in such a way that, perhaps, your intentions are simply the catalyst to that which is already happening.

In asking the question in this way, you have generated the idea that your intention is simply the paddle on the side of a canoe moving down a river. The paddle surely does help to propel the canoe, but the river really could do the work all by itself, eventually. The idea here is that the paddle, through its intention, guides the canoe in movement along with the inertia of the current of the river.

“Why do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension?”

“Why does the canoe float down the river?”

“Why do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension?”

Gaia’s ascension is coinciding with your own. You are on the river, as the canoe and the paddle and the intention. As the river of Gaia’s consciousness flows more freely towards the 90-degree angle along its path, so much your canoe flow.

Keep in mind that the canoe will ALWAYS, eventually, make it through whatever temporary barrier happens to be in its way. So too will you, eventually, continue to flow along the river of the consciousness of the planet upon which you reside. More so than Gaia’s consciousness is the consciousness of all, which also is always flowing and within which you reside.

You move from the fourth to the fifth dimension because that is the way in which the river flows. You may hit a rock. You may get stuck momentarily, but you are not flowing in some progressive way. How well you paddle determines how smooth the ride is, especially during challenging situations, and even more especially when you have a 90-degree turn on the river.

90-degree turns can be made by spinning and crashing along the bank, only with the need to re-group your self and gain momentum again in order to move in the other direction. Or they can be made gradually, smoothly, without interruption of flow, if one is skilled at paddling.

Fortunately for all of us who do not know how to paddle a canoe with such skill, controlling the paddle of your mind, and of your heart, and of your soul, is much easier. You can do so with your beliefs and intentions, as well as with your balancing of wisdom, power, and love. That’s it.

“Why do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension, smoothly?”

Because you believe it is so.

Because you intend it to be so.

Because you understand it to be so.

Because you love it to be so.

Because you experience it to be so.

Now that you understand the why, you may more acutely ask how. You are now asking the how from a place that vibrationally better resonates with that of how. Coming from a place of neither understanding how nor why is coming from a place of vibration that is in less resonance than that of understanding why but not how.

It’s like a mouse figuring it’s way out of a maze, a maze that is opened up and visible from above, say, by an observer. The mouse cannot see the route that will take her to the end of the maze. The mouse is in the maze, experiencing it. The observer has a perspective that allows her to see the whole maze, and therefore, see perceive the correct route to get to the end of the maze. Both the mouse and the observer will eventually be present when the mouse reaches the end of the maze. However, if the observer could communicate with the mouse to inform her of how to get out of the maze, and if the mouse could listen, understand, and put into practice this communication, then the mouse would likely have a much easier time getting through the maze.

By meditating on the why of a question before you meditate on the how of a question, you more effectively identify with that of the observer. By more effectively identifying with the observer, the more clearer the information will be from the obverse about how to get out of the maze. For, of course, you are the observer; or put another way, the observer is an aspect of you.


“How do I move from the fourth to the fifth dimension? 

Back to Love

This is simply working on the why, not the how. Once you identify with the why the how reveals itself to you.

Let us now remember that all is love and love is all. It is a law and it cannot be broken. Everything is love, in one form or another.

Let us each now be brave. Let us each now think about something. Something that when you think about it, it is hard for you to see the love.

Perhaps this is a story that someone has told you about another person.

Perhaps this is an idea that you have about war, or violence, or shame.

Perhaps this is a person in your linear past that you knew as a child or young adult that you perceive to have hurt you in some way.

Perhaps this is someone today, or this week, or this month, that you perceive to have harmed you.

Perhaps this is a specific traumatic experience in your past.

Perhaps this is the idea of the destruction of plant life. Of killing animals. Of the killing of humans. Of the killing of millions of humans in a genocide.

Whatever you choose to experience in your inner mind, be not afraid. These are just ideas, just stories.  Let this be true for this exercise.

Hold into your mind, in front of you, the image, or the feeling or the idea. Do not become attached to it, just see it there, feel it there, or know that it is there. Try your best to remain calm, in your breath, and present.

Now, with your idea in front of you, with you not attached to it, try to imagine your self sitting back into love. Falling, smiling backward into a seat of love. Being completely comforted surrounded by love.

Looking forward, or feeling again the idea of your selected experience or story, use your inner eyes to SEE the love. Don’t try to figure out the “how is this love,” just KNOW that it is. You must first know something to be true before it can reveal itself to you, fundamentally.

Can you hold these two ideas at once?  Can you hold the idea of separation and the idea of unity at once?  NO!  You have to choose! 


More commonly expressed as Fibonacci.

The idea of where you are now is a reflection of where you have been, and where you are going is a reflection of where you are now and where you have been.

The idea that this acceleration is constant.

But the Fibonacci sequence is really not best understood by looking at any one number on the number line but instead looking at the ideas that are being expressed. Simply having Phi in your awareness then going out into the world to measure things to see how closely they achieve Phi can be helpful, but can also be very indirect in terms of the fundamental learnings that are available.

The why is the totality of the energy that is represented in the sequence of numbers of Fibonacci or the spiraling lines of Phi. The how IS the numbers and IS the spiral.

Shake out your body for a moment. Get a little blood moving, and we will go into our final meditation.

DEEP, DEEP, DEEP breathing. Stretching your body.

Then becoming still. Completely still.

Your Brain

Many have their spiritual awakening by moving from their brains into their hearts. Moving from their ego-mind into their higher mind.

In many people’s awakening, there is this saying, “Ego mind, please meet higher mind.”  For many of us, it’s now, “Higher mind, please meet ego-mind.”

The responsive-programmed brain is really, really important. Your ego is not going anywhere. Working with the lower brain, while residing in the heart, is fundamentally more pure, relative to the perspective of the source.

So, let’s be still and get in touch a bit with our brain.

Breathe deeply and be still. Find your complete stillness.





Notice, once you are still, how you can move your awareness around your body. Focus on your right index/pointer finger. Feel it. Now move your finger. 

Your brain, like your skin, is an agent of your intention. You can FEEL your brain in the same sense that you FEEL yourself move your finger.

Now, how do you MOVE your brain like you MOVE your finger?  You think. You remember. You imagine.

We are still. We can feel our finger. We can feel our brain. There is no difference.

Be still.  Now think about a yellow elephant.  A yellow elephant.  Yellow.  Elephant.

Where do you feel your brain?

Now let’s call upon a memory.  Think about something REALLY fun that you were doing when you were 12 years old...when you were in 5th, 6th, 7th grade.  Did you play a sport?  Were you learning an instrument?  Think about a happy moment and place it into your awareness.

Where do you feel this in your brain?

Now imagine any color / shape combination that you can.  Let the colors change, let the shapes change, if you’d like.  Anything that comes up is perfect.  Colors and shapes.  What colors do you see?  What shapes?  Sit with it.

Where do you feel this in your brain?

With the yellow elephant, I said words, but you called upon one part of your brain that interpreted those words and connected them to meaning, then to another part of your brain that translated that meaning into some experience, probably visually a yellow elephant.

With the memory, you called upon a part of your brain to produce an idea, a sentiment, a memory of sorts to help inform your awareness.  You then intended to bring this aspect forward in your awareness.  Once you brought it forward, it was instantly there, on the screen of your mind.

With the colors and shapes, you were allowing something else to provide the visual experience for you.  You INTENDED this to happen, then got out of the way.

We could spend days getting into this, but let’s simply focus on the second of the three: the memory.

Your memory is basically the idea that your consciousness has the choice to call upon a particular experience or idea and bring it into its awareness, irrespective of space and time.  A memory (in this context, of the mind, not of "the body") can be an experience that you have had, or it can be an idea that you have, or it can be a belief.  All of these notions are access through that which we most commonly refer to as memory.

Accessing your memory is the first step!  And you just did that.  Now what?  Well, let’s say that you have an experience in your awareness that you find it difficult to see the love in.  Think of the thought that we brought forward earlier where you had trouble seeing the love.  We can manage this thought; we are not subject to it, nor are we subject to feeling certain emotions about it.

There are a variety of different ways in which you may reconcile this desire to feel / see the love in this particular situation.  One way, which we can try today, is to write a different story.

What you see in this experience that you have called into your awareness does not have meaning in and of itself.  It is a neutral experience to which you, as the observer, have given meaning.  You, as the observer, may choose to give a different meaning, to tell a different story.

Imagine that this event, or this experience, is part of something much bigger.  Instead of it being the complete story, it is just a chapter in the book, or it is just a sentence in the chapter.  If you surround your awareness and ONLY read that chapter or that sentence over and over, you will begin to believe that this is all there is.  Remind yourself that this story that you are telling yourself 1) is one that you are writing and 2) is one that is can be changed.

If you are thinking about an experience that happened to you, in your life, that you perceive to be causing your pain, perhaps attempt to tell your self a different story about it.  Instead of telling yourself that you are the victim of the experience, tell yourself that you are the creator of that experience. 

As the creator of the experience, why would you create it? 

Well, you would create it, as Phi tells us, to proceed to THIS moment.  The moment that you are experiencing RIGHT NOW.  Because WITHOUT the experience that you have had, THIS moment would not be THIS moment.  So then if you can CHOOSE to be in a place of gratitude and unconditional love in THIS MOMENT, then you also MUST be in place of gratitude and unconditional love for ALL moments, as Phi tells us that all moments are simply the energy of love. 

If you desire to experience unconditional love, then you must CHOOSE to experience unconditional love within yourself.

Think about the experience that you have called forth.  Feel the back of your brain and the front of your brain working together.  Now, in the center of your head there is a gland called the pineal gland. 

By holding the love-filled information that you are considering now within the center of your head, and using this love to connect the projection screen in the front of your awareness with the projector / memory in the back of your awareness, you can LINK UP and maintain choice in how you interpret what you experience.

Sit in this idea for a while.  Breathe.  Feel love.  Feel gratitude for your understanding of this information and for yourself.  Know that this is possible at any time.  Any experience that you have is your choice, and any interpretation of the experience is also your choice.

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