Becoming Fearless

How do you spend your days when it seems you have more time in your hands? Perhaps this thought never crossed your mind because you never really had the chance to stop and smell the flowers. With all the things that you need to get done, there isn’t any time to stop and meditate. 

But it isn’t the packed schedule or the long list of things-to-do that hinder you from enjoying your sweet spare time. You have become afraid of having some extra time in your hands because you don’t know what to do with it. 

You have become afraid of the empty space in your life. 

The busy schedule, constant distraction, the lack of focus, and the lack of satisfaction in your life often leaves you with so much more than you can handle. 

You end up running from one task to another. Instead of enjoying the spaces between the tasks, the moments of solitude and stillness, you end up filling the gaps with activities. You think of something useful to do. You have associated productivity with self-worth. 

You make it seem as if the stillness and silence in your life are nothing of value. 

If people didn’t have quiet time on their own, what would happen to the world? It would be filled with noise and chaos. But does this mean it is suitable for their personal growth?

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Your fear of being left empty is what keeps you from embracing the silence. You are afraid that if you stop doing things, you would be left with nothing. 

Those fears are our constant reminder that we need to be trying to do more. You need to want to be more, so you won’t stop yearning to learn more. But then again, learning to be fearless is something that people should embrace. 

You are afraid of stillness because you think that it pertains to unproductivity.

You are worried that if you stop in your tracks now, you will fall behind. You have this unexplainable fear of not being able to do more than what is expected. Perhaps this stems from the fact that you are afraid of being irrelevant. Will you ever be irrelevant in other people’s lives? Will it be possible for them to live their lives without you?

You are afraid of the silence because it reminds you that being alone makes you lonely.

You are afraid of being alone because you think that being with yourself is not going to make you happy. 

Like many, you are afraid that you might not be loved by the people you love. But isn’t it more important to love and be loved by yourself? It is the only kind of love that you can keep for good. 

But if you continue to associate silence to loneliness, then you wouldn’t see how it could positively change the way you see the world. The silence allows you to go deep in your thoughts, to feel how you really feel, and to wander and wonder what could happen to you in the future. 

You are insecure about the fact that others are achieving more than you.

The groundlessness of your thoughts puts you in a shaky position, making it impossible to focus. 

But without the fear of uncertainty and the highlighted blank space in your life, how do you expect yourself to be free? 

It is in solitude that you will see your strength. It is in your stillness that you can see your inner light. If you try to avoid feeling all these feelings, nothing would be left of you. 

After all, the most critical aspect of overcoming your fear is learning to take on it head-on. 

Rise to the occasion and see the beauty of conquering your fears. 

How To Liberate Yourself From Fear

How do you train yourself to have a fearless mind? Remember that comfort and growth are two different ideas. It is a lesson that holds true to everyone who has become successful in their own fields. 

The first thing they will teach you about success is that you need to embrace your fears. Take on the risks and allow yourself to wallow in discomfort. At least in all these, you are taking action to bring you closer to your endeavors. 

Confidence is key. Take on the risk and allow yourself to move forward. It is the only way you can overcome those fears and win over what’s uncomfortable. 

Liberate yourself from the fear. 

If it is something dangerous, go ahead and try it. If it intimidates you, then conquer it. If it makes you want to jump, ask how high. Reclaim your power by overcoming the fear. 

Here are ways to do it: 

Understand your fear

Own it like it doesn’t hurt or scare you. When you acknowledge what is causing all those ungrounded fears, you’ll be able to disperse them more effectively. 

Tame it if you must

Don’t let your fear swallow you whole. Fuel yourself with the wonders of your imagination. Imagine the worst that could happen, but prepare yourself for the best. 

Put a name to it

When you call out on your very cautious critic, you are taking your power back into your hands. When they think they can control you, make them believe it until they realize you are your own person. 

Flip the risks

Imagine how things would be like if you took on that challenge? The price of your inaction will be steeper, so go ahead and visualize yourself conquering those fears. It doesn’t matter what it will cost you. The more important lesson to bring home is this: you conquered your fears and overcame all the rest. 

Having spent more than half your life worrying about things won’t be helping you. It will only put you in a position where you will get tired of trying to do what you want.

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