Top 7 Crystals To Increase Imaginations And Inspirations

Life can be challenging, and sometimes it seems as if giving up is the only option you have left. The stress and tension of everyday life can drain all your inspiration. It could even squash your imagination too. 

When life gets extra tricky, it can be quite tough to find the motivation to keep moving forward. Your creative juices seem to be all used up. And while it may be easy to say that we have to follow our dreams, it's just downright challenging to do so. 

This is when crystals come in. Not only can they be used as accessories, more than anything, they can also be tools to find inspiration and healing. 

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Crystals For Healing

Astrology lends itself as a wonderful tool to help you unlock the mysteries of life. Along with it are a myriad of tools you can use to your advantage. Crystals help you understand the energy around you. 

More than that, crystals help in finding inner strength. It is about time that you put yourself together again. This is when crystal healing becomes helpful, as it is a tool that you can use at your disposal. 

Every artist knows that the source of their work is based on what inspires them. Their motivation comes in many forms, each one making them produce a life's work or even a masterpiece. 

An artist’s inspiration comes in different forms. They allow themselves to seek inspiration in many things, including crystals. And while every crystal may be a good source of energy for art motivation, there are several specific types based on your needs. 

Crystals For Inspiration

Are you wondering how to get inspiration for art? When it seems all too draining to find the right tools to get you going, you can turn to crystals for help. 

These crystals can help you feel ambitious again. They can provide you with the creative energy to be at your best. Ramp up your imagination and let inspiration flow in you. Take a look at these crystals to see which ones will work for you.

Labradorite: the stone of magic

Labradorite is also known as the stone of magic. It's because of how strongly it connects to the mystical realm of magic. It comes in shades of dark green and grey on the surface, and when sunlight touches it, there is usually a flash of rainbow colors.

In the presence of labradorite, the activation of your third eye comes automatically. Your intuition is illuminated as well. When you put a piece of labradorite near the creative project you are working on, it will allow you to feel connected to your spiritual center, drawing a connection to your inner wisdom. 

Citrine: the merchant's stone

Citrine is the crystal known for its warm energy and good vibes. It comes in translucent shades of white, orange, and yellow, practically giving off the same hues like those of the Sun. The power of the citrine stone comes from its connection to the Solar Plexus chakra. When you have the citrine stone, you get a boost of confidence that will push you to get to work.

This crystal helps you feel elated, artistic, and optimistic. When you put this crystal in your pocket, you are raising your inner vibrations to promote self-esteem, allowing you to trust yourself more in completing the project at hand. 

Carnelian: the setting sun

This inspirational crystal comes in the shades of red and orange. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as the "setting sun" because of its glowing beauty. This crystal connects to the Sacral Chakra, the center of creativity inside the body. Because of this, spending some time in the carnelian stone's presence will help you feel more creative as it connects you directly to your artistic ability. 

Tiger's eye: the stone of the mind

This beautiful stone comes in the dark brown shade to the black foundation with shimmering flashes of orange and light yellow. Tiger's eyes are known for its protective qualities, but this crystal is also known for the connection it creates with the mind. With this stone in hand, you are sure to connect to your mental faculties, helping you clear your thoughts, find your focus and access your imagination with ease and comfort. 

If you feel like you are stuck, put a tiger's eye in your left pocket, and you will feel instant clarity. 

Fluorite: the rainbow keeper

Fluorite proves to be a gorgeous crystal that often comes in shades of green and purple. Its beautiful colors gave it the rainbow keeper nickname. This is the stone that helps clear the mind, promote clarity, and remove all forms of negativity in thought. 

When working with fluorite, it is the crystal that helps you think clearly, allowing you to make decisions with ease. 

Sunstone: the stone of leadership

This crystal comes in shades of orange, pink, and yellow shimmers in the light of the Sun. It is responsible for giving you a confidence boost when you need to feel motivated. It is known for its ability to amplify the positive vibes that you have in you. Self-esteem and motivation are given the boost you need; that's just enough to get you going. 

Aragonite: the Earth goddess connection

The crystal comes in many colors and is known as an excellent grounding stone. They help you find a deeper connection with the Earth, allowing you to use the natural healing properties of Mother Earth. 

If you need to conserve your energy to use it for more creative purposes, this is the stone that you need. 

Embracing The Power Of Crystals

Learning how to find inspiration for art is one of the most important tools for an artist to gift himself. Not only is he allowing himself to explore all the possibilities that life has to offer, but he is also opening his doors to all the wonderful things he can create. 

Motivation and inspiration can be very hard to find. Some days prove to be more challenging than others. And while it may be impossible to always be inspired to create something new, an artist must go on.

After all, life won't be as exciting if you stop yourself from exploring your imagination. So ahead and take on one crystal and move to the next. For as long as you feel the need to create, the crystals' power will always lend itself to you. Remember to use it to your advantage. 

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