The Secret To Reading More Books


How many books were you able to read last year? If it's more than four or five, how did you do it? How did you digest so many new narratives in a year?

While reading for some might be a relaxing past time, it is a good source of new information and inspiration for others. Do you look forward to spending a day doing nothing but reading? It would be nice if everyone had time for a reading day, but that has become such a luxury of which very few people can take advantage. 

Developing your mental capacity to think and be creative can be done regularly through reading. With the right reading techniques and perhaps more time in your hands, you can surely keep your mind and imagination alive forever.

What's The Trick To Reading More?

Whenever you ask those who read a lot for their secrets, they will tell you the truth. It's not about the speed. When it comes to reading, it does not matter whether you have read more than a hundred books in a year or completed only one. The most important goal is whether or not you have absorbed the book's lessons. 

Although speed reading is a kind of reading method that helps people finish reading a book in one sitting, it isn't the only reading method that you can employ. 

Rather, it is the amount of time you spend reading. If you can dedicate more hours to reading, then you can surely finish more books. 

People spend a lot of time reading for a variety of reasons. However, very few people truly work on achieving effective reading strategies. You need to spend more time reading not only because you enjoy it, but because it teaches you about new things. 

When you read books, it is because it opens the doors to opportunities for learning. It teaches you how to research, dissect themes, and sometimes develop empathy for the characters within the stories. Whether these things are part of your work process or not, you should read because it helps you absorb more information about the world around you. 

If you are amazed at how others could read more than you do, you should ask yourself how else you can read more. Make time for reading. Choose reading over binge-watching movies or other TV shows. Find a quiet space in the house and get lost in books instead. 

The real secret to being able to read more books than you used to is for you to spend more time reading. 

How Do You Make Time For Reading?

It can be quite tough to make more time for reading with everything going on in your life. We get it. Aside from your job, you may have kids, needy family members, or other home responsibilities. However, if you want to enjoy the pleasures of learning more while enjoying yourself continually, here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Make time for reading

Your schedule may be filled with work to do, tasks to complete, and errands to run. But if you don't make time for reading, then you will never be able to read. The best way to read more is actually to integrate it into your regular schedule. You can start with a good one hour of reading and increase the time as it becomes available.

You can have your reading time in the morning, or you could choose it to have it in the afternoon. It becomes a part of your everyday routine when you start making it as part of your schedule. Soon, you will be counting the books that you've finished wondering how you ever did it. 

Tip 2: Use your spare time for reading too

Your daily schedule is already packed with activities, but there are those little quiet moments you get to keep for yourself. During those few minutes of downtime while waiting for the laundry to finish or for the soup to come to a boil, sit down and read. 

While you are sitting waiting for the doctor to arrive, use the time to read. Soon, those little moments that you have will add up. You can even finish the entire book solely relying on the spare time that you have. 

A little downtime can go a long way. There will always be great possibilities in spare moments. 

Tip 3: Get a book and read

E-book copies are already made available for those who want to continue making reading a habit despite their hectic schedule. However, getting the feel of the book, and the experience that comes with it is totally different. 

You can easily get distracted by all the other available apps when you read a book through your phone. Also, the experience of learning from a physical book is completely different. 

The more important goal is to keep your attention sustained. You need to be engaged in what you are reading. Whether it is a paperback or through a Kindle mobile app, make sure not to give in to distractions. The less distracted you are, the more likely are you to absorb all the information in the book. 

How Do You Remember What You Read?

This is perhaps one of the biggest questions that people who read a lot get. Others are curious to know if they even remember what they read. 

The truth is that you don't need to remember the book word for word. You only need to understand what it is trying to say fully. Reading, after all, is an art form in its own way. You don't read because it is required. You read because you want to learn something new

Reading allows you to discover things about life. It helps you learn who you are. Reading teaches you that there is so much more in life than what we are dealing with in the now. 

Take notes if you want. Or you could write questions or ideas you learned from the book. All these afterthoughts will help you remember more about the book and your experience of reading it. 

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