How to Start Letting Go of Your Stress

Everyone deals with their own kind of stress. In fact, because of the modern pace of life, it has become almost impossible for people to achieve a state of total stress relaxation. The stress they feel comes from a lot of sources, including traffic, relationships, finances, health, and more. Pressure can be a big part of your life, but it is possible to let it go.

Why Are You Struggling?

Do you find it challenging to achieve a quiet mind? To have a quiet mind means you are not worried about the small things in life, like waking up a little late or if your hair isn't perfect. Everyone gets stressed out over something or someone from time to time. 

Do you get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities at home and at work that sometimes you can no longer take it? There are various strategies for managing stress in the workplace, but it takes more than just patience and hard work.

Everyone wants to live in a world where there is peace, calmness, and order, but it isn't possible all the time. When things get out of hand, that's when stress comes in. Our desire for perfection and order is what puts us in a difficult situation. When plans begin to crumble, and things seem to fall apart, people can't take that it's happening to them. Then we end up stressing ourselves out more as we desperately try to fix everything. 

But then again, you are not the only one whose plans do not push through. You are not the only person who deals with interruptions, distractions, and unplanned events. Everyone goes through this. It has become the way of the world. 

The world is chaotic and messy, and when you want it to be different from what it is in its natural state, that's why stress comes in. When you expect the world to be different, you'll just end up disappointed. 

Whether you admit to it or not, you are struggling with stress because you are fighting against your expectation of perfection. You have an idea of how things should be. You have developed a certain kind of attachment to the concept of perfection. 

However, the good news is that you can do something to let go of that attachment and start something new. When you let go of the idea of perfection, it is easier to let go of your stress. 

How Do You Let Go Of Stress?

In overcoming stress, there is no other person that can help you but yourself. Surround yourself with stress reducers and let them work their wonders.

If something is not going the way you want it to go, or when things become overwhelming and chaotic, you will find yourself under a lot of uncertainty. 

How do you let go of the stress then? Here are some tips to help you:

Tip 1: The first step to deal with stress is to let your body feel it. 

Allow the body to feel all the sensations that come with stress. How does it physically make you feel? Be there and feel the stress. The problem is not the presence of stress in your body. Rather, it is how you make your body react to stress. This time, feel all of it. Feel the pain if it makes you feel pain. Allow it to remind you of the different sensations that you have. It will only take a few moments, but the practice will teach you a lot about your body and who you are.

Tip 2: The second step is always to recognize what is ideal for your situation. 

What is causing all the stress in your body and mind? You have an idea of how you want things to be. Unless you recognize what the ideal world should be for you, that's the only time you will be able to identify what is causing you all the stress. Take notice that all the situations and circumstances that you consider ideal will never be that perfect scenario you play inside your head. Reality is always changing, and while that is frustrating, it's the truth. Instead of focusing on how things are turning out, or how people are acting, focus on what is happening at the moment. 

Your mind has fabricated the ideal situation, but you should realize that the ideal is not always what is right. When it does not happen, allow yourself to adjust to what is happening. The scenario you made up in your head is not happening, so don't beat yourself up to it. The good news is that the thought of it is something you have created, so you can let go of it if you want to.

Tip 3: The third step is to let it go and let it be. 

What would happen if you let go of all expectations? Would you live in the moment more? You would probably be more at peace. Perhaps you would be more present at the moment. You would feel freer. Maybe you would love yourself more and be more accepting of those around you. 

Ask yourself what it would be like to just go with the flow. See what it would feel like and allow yourself to savor it. You can relax your mind, open your body, and let yourself go beyond those perfect ideals.

The state of openness is the one that will save you from the struggles of the moment. When you drop the concept of the ideal and just let things happen as they will, you are putting yourself in a situation where peace is easy to take. Even in moments of chaos, you can feel free and perhaps even appreciate the beauty.

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