Conspiracy Theory of Everything 5 ~ The Secret Government

So far, we have looked at the Demiurge, how the world's population is controlled, ET’s, and even the almost frightening integration with technology… But the question is, Why is this happening? Why is ANY of this happening at all? Is this just the product of a disconnected consciousness run wild? Is there a meaning behind the madness? Is there a definitive end to our suffering? And if we are being led somewhere… by whom? 

Who, if anyone, is at the top of the pyramid? Is it aliens? Reptiles? The Elite? Perhaps there is no single leader, but rather a mass multitude of agendas going in different directions, or is this all just a part of a God’s master plan? Today, the QAnon movement calls it “The Deep State,” and to us, the first time we became aware of it, as mentioned in a book from the early 1990s, the ancient secret of the flower of life. In this book, they were referred to as “The Secret Government.” According to Melchizidek, the Secret Government has known about the extent of damage we’ve been doing to ourselves and the world since as early as the 1940s but have been desperately trying to keep it hidden from the public and sway us from our higher calling.

The concept of a secret government or a deep state is useful in explaining how government agencies can gain power by keeping secrets. Today, most of us are used to, and perhaps even indoctrinated into feeling secure in our Democratic model of government. It created a sense of all citizens being involved with and aware of what is going on, and if the citizens believe this (whether it's true or not), it builds trust, but this is not the natural state of power or control. 

Throughout almost all of history, rulers and those in power had no obligation to be open to their populi, back door deals and secrecy were default settings, and have fewer people to answer and explain to give them more power naturally; power-seekers thrive in secrecy and misdirection.

When Greece introduced democracy, and the United States modernized it, it was considered ingenious and revolutionary and for the people. To protect it, American culture's entire ethos was built around a more open and citizen-run government. Eventually, it became the new standard for the most modern world and a source of pride for Nations that achieved it. But what if this sense of pride and security were an illusion, a front for the real operation, a modern-day, human edition, of the Holographic Demiurge? What if, behind the scenes, a power that influences not just the US government's direct actions and both sides of their political spectrum, but also other countries? What if there was a power that held influence over the US, the UK, and even China and Russia? 

Power is checked in public but grows in secrecy, so it is natural to wonder: if power grows in confidentiality. How do we know that the most potent forces directing this play are not also the most invisible? What if some of the most significant conflicts and global events were architected by a secret world government...? 


Not since the JFK assassination has there been a national tragedy so heavily imprinted in American minds — or one that has given rise to quite as many alternative explanations outside of the mainstream narrative. Despite taking place almost 20 years ago, over 42% of Americans today believe that the government and the 9/11 Commission "concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the attacks. All of this questioning created a massive alternative narrative of events covering everything from the days leading up to the attacks, their execution, and the aftermath… 

The most infamous aspect of the theories is that the towers' collapse, specifically tower 7, resulted from controlled and deliberate demolition, rather than the impact of the planes. This is seen almost to be self-evident considering building 7 fell simultaneously as the other two towers, but miraculously without a plane even coming close. Surveys suggest that most people who see a building video quickly begin to question and doubt the official mainstream story. 

A few days before the event, Jumping back in time, it is purported that the US government knew about the coming attack, days or even weeks in advance, and deliberately failed to prevent it or even purposefully allowed it to happen. This is even purported by Michael Meacher, a former British environment minister and member of Tony Blair's government in the UK. 

This is found in the stock value alterations for the airlines hijacked leading up to the event when many put options were placed for American Airlines and United Airlines. This financial tool gives owners the opportunity of money if the price of the stock falls. Some economic and business journals have gone on record saying that this is evidence of unusual option market activity in the days leading up to September 11 that is consistent with investors trading on advance knowledge of the attacks...To put it into perspective, between September 6th and 7th, the Chicago Board Exchange recorded nearly 4744 "put" option contracts bought in United Airlines..then on September 10th, another 4516 stocks were bought in American Airlines… Naturally, the 911 commission says that the weird behavior was just “coincidental.” Nevertheless, these put options made someone a lot of money.

A separate line of suspicion stems from NORAD's actions (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on that day. There's much speculation about whether NORAD issued a stand-down order to its fighter jets on 9/11, along with delays in the FAA to notify NORAD of the potential threat. According to FAA records, the NORAD notification about each plane's hijacking came just minutes before they would crash. Despite the FAA noticing unusual behavior, like a failure to stay on course and a shut-down transponder on American Airlines Flight 11 *sixteen seconds after takeoff,* NORAD would not be called to action or notified for over twenty minutes. In a country with the most robust and sophisticated defense in the world, a fumble this bad with such dire consequences can’t help but add to the mystery around what took place.

Now we get to the controlled demolition. This theory states that explosives installed in the buildings in advance were the real cause of the collapse and wide-reaching destruction. First shared by Dutch demolitions expert Danny Jowenko, who in 2006 said that the aircraft impacts and resulting fires couldn’t have weakened the buildings sufficiently enough to initiate a collapse and that they wouldn’t even have collapsed completely, nor at the speeds that they did, without additional energy involved to weaken their lower structures… concluding that “this was a controlled demolition carried out by experts,” something that has since been supported by some physicists, engineers, software developers, and modelers, along with a range of other fields. 

The mainstream analysis, in contrast, asserts that the collapse resulted from damage to support columns mainly caused by the weakening of columns and floors by jet fuel fires. And, of course, you’ve probably seen the memes about jet fuel and steel beams.

Stephen Jones, a physicist at Birmingham Young University, and other researchers analyzed dust from the World Trade Center buildings. They reported that their findings contained nano-thermite evidence in the dust, which are products used in high-level explosives. When he informed the National Institute of Technology about his results, they argued that there was no way of knowing the dust he analyzed came from the buildings… When he asked them to conduct their study, they refused.

On top of that, eyewitnesses reported seeing and hearing explosions happening before the towers' collapse. The organization, "International Center for 9/11 Studies", has published videos indicating when such explosions could be heard. 

The collapse of Building 7 also wasn’t even reported in the initial report, and NIST, the agency charged with investigating the event, took seven years to publish anything that even acknowledged it. 

Looking into who was working in the building at the time, you find that it housed some pretty exciting residents, including a secret CIA office on the 25th floor, an outpost of the U.S. Secret Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and New York City's emergency command center… All of these secret offices go down the day of the attack.

Last but not least, we have the Pentagon. Theorists have argued that the damage done to the Pentagon wasn’t the result of a plane. Still, potentially a missile launched from inside the U.S. government, citing the impact's dimensions as evidence.

After all, how does a plane 125 ft. wide and 155 ft. long fit into a hole that’s only 60 ft. across? It’s worth noting that plane wreckage has been found at the crash site, and eyewitnesses say they saw a plane crash… Today, even the conspiracy theorists themselves disagree on the missile idea. Could the witnesses be paid actors in the know? Could the pieces of the plane be brought there? The only footage available is from this security camera, and conveniently, no frames are available to see what hit. 

Whatever happened at the Pentagon, the question remains… How could a plane make its way not only into the airspace of one of the most secure military sites in the world but also crash into their most predominant headquarters? Like building 7, theorists hypothesize that incriminating evidence of government wrongdoing was targeted in the Pentagon attack. 

They were observing the bigger picture then… why? The most common theory is that 9/11 provided the United States and the United Kingdom with a reason to enter into a war against the Middle East (most notably Iraq and Afghanistan), providing motive and support from the general public. Most theories about this suggest the US was after Oil in the Middle East. Others purport various banking, corporate, globalization, and military interests to create a globalist government. This one-world order could be run behind the scenes by the cabal. 

But the most exciting theory comes from Dr. Michael Salla, who states that Saddam Hussein, the leader of Iraq at the time, had found remnants of a stargate built by the Annunaki excavating one of the Ziggurats - ancient Mesopotamian temples in Iraq. As a result, he had threatened to use it to interact with the Annunaki to bring about mass disclosure and domination. Thus, the orchestration of the 9 11 attacks was a deliberate ruse to justify the stargate's acquisition and other advanced technology into Western hands. To learn more about this mysterious species, please watch our Anunnaki Movie on Youtube. 

If any of this is true, then that would imply that at that time, a secret government, with its hands in many countries, may not have had as much influence as they wanted with individual countries in the middle east. Or… If they did the whole time, purposefully staged this event, for an even bigger reason. 

Mind Control

When we pull back the curtain on the workings behind the scenes, things become strange and even frightening. The most infamous mind-control experiment in history is MK Ultra, otherwise known as Project Bluebird. The terrifying thing about this is that it isn’t a theory… MK Ultra was a real documented CIA program, for which the CIA has faced repercussions legally. It’s well established that some of the experiments in the Ultra project were illegal. The US Government willingly experimented on its citizens without their knowledge or consent… Yet, no one seems to bat an eye… Perhaps because no one knows the true extent of what went on behind closed doors.

The official aim was that experiments on humans were intended to develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and force confessions through mind control. The program was officially authorized in 1953 but supposedly got reduced funding continually until its “disbandment” in 1973. The elusive Montauk Experiments, located at Camp Hero, Montauk, which began in the 1950s, again swirl with conspiracies and rumors of mind control, psychedelic drug experiments, child abduction, and even time travel. It seems incredibly coincidental that the Camp Hero events started in the 50s, also experimented with mind control. It doesn't seem to be a stretch to argue the two projects were connected somehow.

Interestingly, MK Ultra's events came to light in 1975 after an inquest by the Rockefeller Commission. Yet, efforts to find the background of Ultra were hindered by CIA Director Richard Helms's order that all MKUltra files be destroyed in 1973. As a result, the committee had to rely on the sworn testimony of direct participants and the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms's order. In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to MKUltra, which led to Senate hearings later that year. As recently as 2018, declassified documents included a letter to an unidentified doctor discussing work on six dogs that had been made to run, turn, and stop via remote control and brain implants…

Current estimates place the funding and budget at roughly $87.5 million in today’s money during the experiments. Many early research focused on psychedelic drug LSD, whether it could be used to make Soviet spies defect against their will, and whether the Soviets could do the same to the CIA's operatives. When it first began, they didn’t test on strong-minded people, though… No… The drug's first tests were done on people with a mental health condition, prisoners, drug addicts, and sex workers… because - and I quote - “they couldn’t fight back.” 

According to Tim Weiner, writing in the New York Times, they once administered LSD to a person with a mental health condition in Kentucky for 174 days straight, as well as giving it to their employees, military personal, and….scariest of all… Unknowing members of the general public, to study their reactions. Many of the drugs were often administered without the subject's knowledge or informed consent, which was a violation of the Nuremberg Code after WW2. This is the only place where the CIA got into legal trouble.

It’s thought that the aim of this was to find which drugs would bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject's mind clean to be able to program them as "a robot agent.” Later on, another part of the project worked at Menlo Park’s Veterans Hospital where they tested the effects of every kind of psychedelic on the residents there, everything ranging from LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, and cocaine, and even DMT and AMT, another lesser-known psychedelic, similar to DMT.

In these experiments, adverse reactions were a pretty common occurrence. One operative who received LSD in his morning coffee became psychotic and ran across Washington, seeing a monster in every car passing him. The experiments continued even after Frank Olson, an army chemist who had never taken LSD before, was secretly dosed by his CIA supervisor and nine days later, plunged to his death from the window of a 13th-story New York City hotel room after falling into a post-trip depression and paranoia. 

Some people did consent… and they were subjected to even more extreme experiments, such as being dosed with LSD for 77 consecutive days. However, the culmination of all this research was that by 1962, the CIA had developed a series of super-hallucinogens - most notably the BZ Compound, which was thought to hold tremendous promise as a mind control weapon. It was at this point that many academics and private researchers became disillusioned with the project. Perhaps the enormous asset we can learn from this revelation coming to light is not only the extreme methods employed by those within the deep state but also the acknowledgment that just as much as psychedelics can be used for therapy and healing, there is ample evidence now that they can also be used to create lasting psychotic states. It entirely depends on how they’re used, messing with the neurochemistry instead of harmonizing it with a higher consciousness.

While all of this was happening, they also experimented with hypnosis to create hypnotically induced anxieties and increase an individual’s ability to learn complex material and improve memory and cognitive ability. To do this, the CIA ended up setting up what were essentially concentration camps for study. And once again, we see the value and terrors that come with hypnosis, all the while in the mainstream world. It is laughed at as nothing more than superstition.

As Stephen Kinzer pointed out: “In areas under American control in the early 1950s, in Europe and East Asia, mostly Japan, Germany, and the Philippines, the CIA created secret detention centers so that the U.S. could avoid criminal prosecution and work in secret. The CIA captured people suspected of being enemy agents and other people deemed "expendable" to undertake various types of torture and human experimentation. The prisoners were interrogated while being administered psychoactive drugs, electroshocked, and subjected to extreme temperature, sensory isolation, and a whole host of other terrible things to understand better how to destroy and control human minds. These experiments likely developed a tremendous understanding of how the brain responds to various extremes and how it interacts and filters consciousness… but at what cost? And for what ultimate purpose? Could these techniques have been an influential decision in manipulating the mainstream narrative, perhaps behind 9-11, or even the Covid Pandemic?

After 1973, when this all began to come out to the public, it prompted several subjects or their surviving children to file lawsuits against the federal government for conducting experiments without consent. Although the government aggressively, and sometimes successfully, sought to avoid legal liability, several people did receive compensation through court orders… and this whole battle is still going on today. While the CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, Canadian investigative journalist Elizabeth Nickson (whose mother was a subject) claims that they continue today under a different name…

Returning to the beginning… MKUltra initially came to public awareness due to an inquest from the Rockefeller Commission. Generally, today, when you look into the question of the “Illuminati,” who are often presumed to be Secret Government, the Rockefeller family often appear at the top of the list in association or connection. However, it seems that in this case, the Rockefellers brought something nefarious to light. The question is why. Why would they rat out their operation if they were behind it? Was this all orchestrated as part of a singular greater intention, or are the Rockefellers playing a different game than assumed for so long?


If the conspiracy theories are to be believed, then it would seem as though this secret government is compelling, pulling strings and influencing global events on nearly every side, as if pushing and pulling everything we perceive.

Finally, we must then explore Q-Anon, the theory behind who’s pulling the strings of everything… The Deep State itself. Originating from a chain of 4chan and 8chan posts by an anonymous user known only as Q, or the Q Clearance Patriot… This user began explaining the theory's outline, that there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles behind the scenes pulling strings on world governments, along with orchestrating an international child sex trafficking ring. They control politicians and the media to spin their narrative and control Hollywood to cover up their existence, pumping out shows and movies that foster plausible deniability. The Philadelphia experiment? Stargate? The Men Who Stare at Goats? Just movies, nothing more.

By its nature, Q-anon is a Far-Right theory, and thus it argues that the cabal would have continued ruling the world were it not for the election of Donald Trump. In this theory, Trump is fully aware of the cabal and its workings of the Deep State, and in actuality… Top military generals recruited him to run for president in 2016 to break up this criminal conspiracy, end its control of politics and the media, and bring its members to justice. It’s believed that we would all be ignorant of this behind-the-scenes battle were it not for Q… Who has been revealing details directly from behind the scenes? A central component of the Q-anon theory is some coming “storm” or Grand Awakening where thousands of people, all of who are members of the cabal, will be arrested, possibly sent to Guantanamo Bay, or face military tribunals. The U.S. military will brutally take over the country, ushering in a New World Order… In another video, we explored the conspiracies around Trump and Time Travel, including an old book from over 100 years ago called The Last President, following the story of a character named Trump and a massive takeover and political change where this same thing happens. A brutal military takeover.

Q also purports that the cabal includes top Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, several entertainers, Hollywood celebrities, and leading religious figures. It’s curious then to ask if this is legit or just right-wing propaganda to attack the democrats. 

Looking at all of this, we must ask… Who is “Q” specifically? This anonymous poster on 4chan claimed to be a high-ranking intelligence officer with access to classified information about Trump’s war against the cabal. But even today, no one knows who Q is… Speculation argues for everything from a simple troll or far-right activist to an entire network of people, entwined in the great battle going on.

Q Anon’s reveal is believed to have begun back during the 2016 election with the Pizzagate Theory. With the email account of John Podesta being hacked by a spear-phishing attack, WikiLeaks published the leaks in November 2016. They contained within those emails were supposedly code words for pedophilia and human trafficking (mostly centered around the letters “C” and “P” and more than natural levels of discussion around curious “pizza types,” believed to b in substitute for child pornography) that linked high ranking members of the Democratic party and other world elites to a pizza restaurant in Washington DC as the site of satanic ritual abuse. To date, however, no evidence of a ritual site was found at this restaurant. Is it possible this location was also a cover for an actual ritual site?

The story went viral online… Sometimes on Fake News websites, which added traction to the theory, a claim emerged that the FBI had raided Hilary Clinton’s home for evidence of the supposed sex ring. In 2020 Pizzagate took on a new life when it began to merge with QAnon, leading to the cabal theory's globalization rather than being US-centric. 

Even Trump himself seems to be somewhat supportive, having shared posts from QAnon followers dozens of times on his social media accounts. However, when looking into the movement, there is a standard theory that Trump himself sends signs to the followers through secret codes and messages in things like press interviews. For example, whenever he mentions the number 17, it's taken as a sign that he is sending secret messages to his followers since Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet… He has even arguably embraced the movement, saying that “these are people that love our country.” In an NBC press hearing, when asked whether he was working to disband a cabal of pedophiles, he looked at the reporters and asked, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?..... If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it,” ...which naturally was met with nervous laughter.

In the mainstream media today, there’s a lot of fear being perpetrated in the name of QAnon… So much so that there’s been a massive crackdown on anything conspiracy related on social media. Twitter recently banned thousands of QAnon accounts, arguing that they “engaged in harassment.” Facebook took down nearly 800 QAnon groups and restricted thousands of QAnon-related pages and Instagram statements. Part of the phobia is centered around reports of QAnon followers being charged with committing serious crimes in Q’s name… Which were reported on by mass media.

To be clear, then… this video itself, in the eyes of Youtube and Social Media, may very well be suspect and could be banned. To prevent this from happening, please visit the link in the comments to get free access to Spirit Conspiracies, to watch all of our conspiracy content, free of any form of censorship.

The Roots of Secrecy

Now, the question of a secret government's real existence and identity may remain a mystery long into the future. Suppose there is a power that can influence world leaders and governments from the shadows. In that case, it’s very likely that only a select few even know of the identity of those in power and most certainly would be sworn to secrecy. For example, even if NASA is hiding evidence of Alien contact, it would only be the highest few in the organization who know of it. 

We are called to ask what kind of person, being, or powers would have so much influence as to directly or indirectly affect the greatest of world powers? Could it be a legion of some alien beings? Perhaps reptiles or otherwise, with advanced alien technology who threaten or even mind control the highest-ranking people to do their bidding? 

And even more so, if there is an ongoing battle as QAnon describes, then perhaps there are two secret governments. Maybe a nefarious satanic cabal who has seized a great deal of power and an enlightened hidden power - working to provide guidance and protection for the good-hearted in control to create a positive change in a better direction, without sending the entire global population into a panic, and destroying all of society as we know it. You can imagine how this may all be received by the world, for if Q’s prophecy did come true, and there was a military coup, most of society would deem this a terrifying a horrendous thing, even if it was a necessary measure to protect us all from an even worse future. We’re not suggesting that this would be good nor bad, how convoluted the intentions get, behind so many layers of secret senses.

In the Flower of Life Books, Melchizidek explains that long ago, in Ancient Egypt, the ascended master named Thoth - upon requiring something to happen for the salvation of our species, would appear to a particular leader, demonstrate who he was through a miraculous feat, such as glowing or levitating, and then instruct them to take a specific action. While it’s effortless to fall into the fear that a nefarious mind controls all things, and indeed - the basis of our holographic reality may indeed come from the Demiurge, the false God - but could it be that ascended masters, such as Jesus, Thoth, or even the Anunnaki, also have been subtly influencing our species in secretive and mysterious ways? 

According to the sources behind this information, it says that while many experiments are going on behind the scenes, along with enormous catastrophe’s to the earth's environment, knowing and cultivating the energy within your body, the toroidal energetic field of your heart, and the human Lightbody, often called a Merkaba; you can change everything. You can heal yourself and the world around you, for Spirit lives within you, and honestly, all things are possible. All it takes is an effort to learn and connect with the benevolent God spark within you. 

The greatest challenge then might very well be that not everybody is looking to create this connection. It seems as though many don’t even care at all… the most significant part of this story is yet to come... 

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