3 Things You Should Know About The SUPER Full Moon (April 7th, 2020)

This SUPER Full Moon is giving us exactly what we need at this time.


Ever after that one sentence, I know many of you are feeling skeptical lol.


"Vic, are you living under a rock brother?


Have you been watching what's going on?"


There's a great book I just finished reading called "The Go-Giver."


One of the main characters, Pindar, would always say…


"Looks can be deceiving… and most of the time… they are."


A couple of years ago, I took my family to this nature preserve in Las Vegas.


There was a nice little stream, lush vegetation (rare for Las Vegas), and a beautiful assortment of colorful flowers.


 As my family and I were riding our bikes along the path, we noticed an area that didn't look so good.


 In fact, you could easily tell there had been a fire, and most of the trees and plants in this particular area were black and dead.


There was a sign, however, that stated…


 "Don't be concerned about the heat fires, for they are a natural occurrence in nature."


 It went on to say…


 "The ashes from the fires actually nourish and fertilize the soil beneath, and when new plants and trees grow again, and they always do, they will be healthier, heartier, and more vibrant than before!"


This same process of metamorphosis is taking place on a grand scale… and within the hearts of you and me.


A lot of structures, systems, and thought patterns that are out of alignment with Earth's New Frequency are "burning down" and falling away.


 But, from the ashes, there will be a re-birth and a brand new era of higher consciousness, human connection, and spiritual resonance that will sweep the planet just as fast as the Coronavirus.


"Looks can be deceiving… and most of the time… they are."


3 Things You Should Know About This



1. Unique Opportunity For Lightworkers


There are times during the awakening process, where everything speeds up.


 It's like a perfect storm of old energy, emotion, and patterns coming up…


 Triggering life situations that catch you by surprise…


& confusion about who you are, what you want in life, and where your life is heading…


When this happens… all at once, it can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least. 


 & yet inherent in this exact type of energy exists an opportunity to experience a quantum leap in your spiritual growth. 


 And all we have to do to experience this shift is… surrender.


It's ironic because circumstantially, you may be in a bind, and things are more up in the air than ever before, and yet there is this option to let go of it all… and trust the process… in a very real way.


When you make that choice… to let go of control… you will instantly connect with a deeper part of yourself that KNOWS all is well… that knows everything is happening in perfect divine order. 


 You can have the confidence of the trees…


What I mean by that is when a tree sheds its leaves in the fall… they don't mind :)


 Sure they get cold, stiff, and bare… but they know life always happens in cycles and seasons… and spring will come again!


 When it does, they will be able to proudly sport their NEW, fresh, and healthy leaves.


Right now, humanity… and maybe even you… are in the winter.


 Winter, however, is a very valuable time, and if spent wisely can give way to a very exciting and fruitful spring :)


2. Seeing How Far You've Come 


The other day, I filmed a Full Moon Energy Update video for your YouTube channel.


 Lately, I've been having a tough time getting "into my flow…"


For whatever reason, this time was different, and I was able to tap in beautifully!


Out of over a thousand videos, this one was one of my absolute best.


There's more to the story… (& there's a point of me telling you this lol)


 In the end, there was a BIG problem with the video…


I had changed my shirt before filming and took the little microphone that normally clips to my shirt… and placed it in my pocket.


 I forgot to take the microphone out of my pocket!


 So, the sound quality of this awesome video was unacceptable.


I couldn't use it, and at that time, I was tired and hungry, had no motivation to attempt to replicate the video.


In the past… (this has happened before unfortunately lol)… I would get VERY upset.


 Sometimes, I would even start questioning myself and think… maybe I'm not good enough anymore… maybe I shouldn't be making these videos, etc.


 Overall it was a very disappointing thing for me to experience…


 But… because I have been taking my own advice above… and choosing to surrender to whatever life throws at me.


 I simply took a few breaths and filmed it again.


 The second version wasn't nearly as good! lol


 BUT… I was at peace with it.


 For the first time ever, I was able to watch myself… respond differently… to this situation that would always cause me to lose a gasket! 


 Recognizing my growth was far more rewarding than if nothing went wrong in the first place.


 Everything happens for a reason… and a good reason at that.


 As one of my favorite speakers, Tony Robbins always says…


 "Life isn't happening TO you… it's happening For you."


Life, at this time, especially during the Full Moon, might be showing you just how far you've come & the rewards… and reflections… are great, but they are secondary.


Seeing truly how far you've come is what you will hold sacred.


And as another great speaker I enjoy listening to, Brenden Burchard says…


 "We should celebrate our victories."


There's always room to grow my friend… always a next step we're trying to get to, but sometimes it's helpful to take a pause and look back to see how far we've come.


 If you're alive at this time in history and you resonate with articles like this, then you have a lot to be proud of.


This spirit science website and material are for people out there all around the world doing the work… the shadow work.


 And this work isn't always fun, and it can be a very thankless job, but at this time, I invite you to reflect and see how great of a job you're doing.


And this leads me to my last point….


3. It's Time To Lead By Example (& You're Ready)


I don't know about you, but this whole Coronavirus situation and the energetic climate it created thew me for quite a loop.


 Here I am this guy that normally guides others through the tough times, and I was going through one myself.


 I was feeling guilty because I wasn't able to produce as much content as I normally do because I too have been processing.


As time has gone on, the situation seems, at least at the moment, on the surface, to be getting worse, and that's when it all changed for me.


 Sometimes life can get you down, and we hit this threshold where we just say to ourselves…


 "Enough is enough"


 "I'm tired of feeling down… tired of feeling like a victim of circumstance, it's time to RISE up reclaim control of my life!"


Just like pressure… over time… can form a diamond…


 Spiritual growth, over time, produces compassionate, conscious leaders… and I'm not talking about myself.


 I'm talking about you.


I ask you,


 "how do you suppose the version of yourself from 5 years ago would have reacted to this circumstance?"


I bet there's quite a difference.


 The Full Moon is putting on the pressure… a unique type of vibrational pressure that is not at all new to you.


 & from this pressure, diamonds are emerging!


 You… are ready… to be the person you came to be here in this lifetime.


 I bet your intuition and higher self has already been hinting at this fact.


 If you can surrender to what is…


and make the simple choice to trust the process of awakening that is now happening on a mass scale…


and remember who you are and what you've been through…


Then you will SHINE like the diamond that you are!


It's time; your purpose is calling you.


 Embrace the change…


 Lean into the process… say YES to the universe.


 When you do this, you will connect to a very deep, wise, ancient, part of your consciousness and have the ability to channel forth the energy of love, wisdom, and compassion so much so that you very well might blow your own mind!


 "Where did that come from, you'll wonder?

  I didn't know I had it in me?"


 But you did… all along :)


 & it's time to let yourself be that leader… that force of positive change.


 It's who you are.


Let the fires of transformation burn away any last vestiges of doubt or illusions of disconnection.


 Allow yourself the re-birth that you've worked so hard for.


 It's time… 


 It's YOUR time.


 Let your light shine…


The world needs it… 


 And you're ready :)


 Much love, 





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