5 Things You Should Know About the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse On June 5th

Hey, my friends! Here I have actually 4 things you should know about the Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse happening on June 5th.

I kept my standard title structure “5 Things” — because the 4th thing is so important.

Enjoy the read, my friends, and I wish you a powerful and transformative Full Moon experience!

1. Going “All In” With Your Purpose And Life Path

One of my dear friends, Ella, spent many years serving her community as a nurse practitioner.

Like you, she eventually found herself in the whirlwinds of change stemming from a spiritual awakening.

We hung out in Sedona this weekend, and she was telling me that she hasn’t been working as a nurse in years (I actually knew this).

She told me that she was recently debating whether to renew her nursing license or not.

Her logic was as follows:

“It makes a lot of sense to hold on to this thing.”

“What if I need it in the future?”

BUT . . . every time she attempted to complete the tasks required to renew her license, she felt blocked.

She felt like the tasks, even though she had done them before, were heavy, tedious, and just didn’t feel right.

She thought renewing her license was wise, responsible, and “practical,” but she felt it was the wrong move.

Straight up, nursing simply no longer resonated with Ella, and she knew it.

What she really wanted to do was to become a health astrologer. If you’re reading this, Ella, forgive me if I messed that title up!

Ella LIT UP every time the topic of astrology was brought up. And in our circle of friends, it’s brought up quite often.

Ella made a critical choice.

She chose to let her nursing license—something that cost a lot of time, energy, and money to acquire—EXPIRE.

She felt intuitively that there was a weight to that little piece of paper, a spiritual weight.

She knew that by holding on to it was like having one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and she was tired of doing the splits!

She said when that deadline day came and went, she felt lighter, better, and more secure on this new path.

You may find yourself becoming aware of your own “representations” of the energetic ties to your past . . .

You may perceive that these attachments are making your journey towards your passion and purpose unnecessarily laborious.

NOW is a time to let go . . .

NOW is a time to trust yourself . . .

NOW is a time to trust your inner guidance . . .

NOW is a time to ALLOW the dreams you hold in your heart to manifest for you . . .

But . . .

You gotta go all in!

Its time . . . and you feel it . . . you know it.

2. Work Less, And Play More

 I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost a decade.

I’ve been setting goals, making plans, and taking massive action nearly every day.

In that time, I have developed a great deal of discipline, a solid work ethic, and an almost unhealthy stubbornness when it comes to accomplishing goals.

If I set a goal, at least until recently, I would do whatever necessary to achieve it.

In the past, that method would work.

In a sense.

Now, however, the energy does not support that unbalanced and overly masculine approach.

The feminine is trying to come in and say:

“Listen, you don’t have to work so hard.”

“Where’s the time to have fun, play, and smell the lovely roses?”

This more feminine approach is actually, at least right now, MORE productive!

Yes, you can accomplish more—in this new energy—with less.

When we’re “playing” we’re tapped in . . . we’re in the flow . . . and FAR more receptive to those BIG inspired ideas.

The old way was all about planning, trial and error, and persistence. While with this method, anything is possible, that doesn’t mean it’s the only way.

Right now, with this particular Full Moon, it’s all about going with the flow.

Set your intentions but remain flexible.

You never know what million-dollar idea will float into your consciousness when you’re taking a stroll through the park on a Monday afternoon.

You will know this one applies to you if you are feeling worn out right now.

Or, if you’re running into a lot of blocks and resistance.

If that’s the case . . . step back.

Schedule in some FUN time!

Bust out that dusty guitar, go to the park to shoot some hoops, or take a stroll in nature.

When you do . . .

When it is time to act . . .

You will be refreshed, tapped in, and the action you take will be ALIGNED, inspired, and therefore 100X more productive.

What I’m saying is that the energy of the Full Moon and Eclipse is telling you:

“You CAN . . . relax.”

“You CAN . . . trust.”

When you do, it’s like taking a rocket ship towards your dreams, and you get to maintain health, balance, and most importantly, happiness along the way.

3. An Opportunity To Connect With Your Spirit Allies: They Come In Many Forms

Recently, I returned home from the local coffee shop.

I found my wife Pattie and son Lukas crouching down in the grass, whispering.

I snuck up on them to see what all the caution was about.

Then I saw it . . .

They were admiring a very large and majestic looking raven, perched elegantly on a tree branch.

My wife has always had a connection with birds.

Whenever her path crosses with a rare and special one like a raven, there’s always a message connected to it.

Later that day, my friends and I went to a quiet creek to enjoy the shade, cool running water, and nature.

The moment I plopped down on the large rock we chose to hang out on, I noticed a dragonfly sitting just inches from my feet.

I thought to myself, “Oh, how cool!”

Next thing I know, that same dragonfly jumped up and landed right on my big toe!

It just sat there for about 3-4 minutes.

I felt a connection with this neat little creature of the forest.

Intuitively, I knew she was there to reflect the transition I’m experiencing in my life.

She came along at the perfect time to softly assure me that everything is going accordingly to plan, and in that exact moment, I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

I received support from a dragonfly the same way my wife was encouraged by a bird.

Your sign of support or peace may be totally different, but it accomplishes the same thing.

Your guides may appear in a dream, or during meditation, or something else equally special and unique to you.

Our spirit allies are making themselves known to us at this time because the world is going through an important shift.

Our spirit allies are here to remind us that ALL is well, and things are unfolding just perfectly according to the divine plan.

So, my friend, during the Full Moon and Eclipse this week, keep an eye out for your allies.

They come in many forms.

4. The Big One: A Need For Peace, Love, And Understanding, And It Starts With You

Right now, there is such unrest in the world.

It feels almost like a “pulse of anxiety” is stirring in the breeze, kicking up a lot of anger, judgment, chaos, and intolerance.

At this very moment, I’m in the passenger seat as I type this.

We’re headed home from Sedona, and my kids are in the back watching the movie, The Little Giants.

It’s a movie about a children’s football team.

The kids on the team are all close friends.

However, as what tends to happen in most films, there’s a conflict.

These kids soon have to face another team that’s bigger, more talented, and athletically superior.

As they were preparing for the big game, the kids started bickering and picking at one another.

These friends took their stress out on each other through cruel expressions of their own angst. They called each other names and pointed out each other’s weaknesses.

They didn’t mean any of it, but they were agitated and triggered by their stress.

However, long story short, these little kids won the big game against all odds!

Do you want to know how?

It’s because just when things looked absolutely hopeless, they realized that in order to win, they had to work together!

In order to prevail, they had to set aside their differences.

And because they are kids, this was EASY for them!

I have three children, and one thing I know and admire is that they move on fast.

These kids in the movie, even though they barely stood a chance, pulled it off!

They were able to bask in their glory in those precious moments of victory.

They accomplished their success through teamwork.

Right now, humanity . . . is not really functioning as a team.

We need to.

Our “big game” is the survival of our species.

Our “big game” is about healing the wounded Mother Earth, a home that unites us all.

Our “big game” is leaving this planet cleaner—emotionally, energetically, and literally—for our children and all future generations.

Like those kids, we also have an enemy.

He has many names, including FEAR . . . ANGER . . . SEPARATION . . . INTOLERANCE . . .

This enemy is tricky because he’s within us all.

Right now, he’s getting STRONGER.

But, don’t count us out just yet . . .

In every good story, there are unforeseen variables, like our guides, that assist us.

In The Little Giants movie, it was a tough 10-year-old female football player that goes by the name, “The Ice Box.”

In our case . . .

It’s YOU.

It’s ME.

It’s US!

It’s the people that know better.

It’s the folks that are actively raising their consciousness and hold themselves to a higher standard.

It’s the lightworkers all over the world that still believe good things are coming . . . and good things will result from this powerful cleansing of humanity that we are all witnessing.

It’s the people that feel, deep within their souls, that this is a time of transition, transformation, and AWAKENING.

BUT, in order to align ourselves, and the rest of humanity with this positive outcome, we must work together.

When you’re down and processing . . .

I will stand tall, in your place, until you return.

When I’m experiencing a moment of doubt . . .

I know you’ll be there holding the torch.

We don’t have to be perfect.

We can have our off days.

But if we can band together, we are unstoppable!

The force of good, love, and LIGHT can never be stopped if we unite.

WE will soon be basking in our own glory and victory.

Do you feel me?

Are you in?

Much love,


Your teammate,


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