Tarot Cards That Say Something About Your Finances

articles money Oct 31, 2020

Money is what makes the world go around. When people don't have it, they feel they need it badly. But when they have a lot of it, they only feel that they want to have more. Money may not be able to buy love and happiness, but it gives people a sense of security and freedom. 

From the fleeting feeling of shopping for things that you love down to emergencies, money makes it seem like everything about life is dependent on it. Is it possible to minimize the financial stress that you deal with? Is there a way you can improve your money choices and make you feel comfortable with it?

The best way to do it is through tarot finance. What do the cards reveal about your finances? 

What Does The Deck Reveal About Finances

An individual's financial situation could be a good source of comfort, but it could be a source of unwanted stress. When it seems as if you have tried your best to reach financial stability, but it seems something always happens and ruins it, you just want to know why. 

This is when the tarot cards lend themselves to you. The money tarot can reveal a lot about your fortune from the major arcana to the minor arcana. In truth, there is one suit that is dedicated solely to determining one's finances. 

The Suit of Pentacles is also known as the Coins. It speaks of stability, abundance, and fantastic news about finance. We'll discuss them later in this post.

What Do The Cards Mean?

The money tarot spread can reveal a lot about the current status of your finances. It depends on which card you'll be able to pick when you make the spread. Remember, you need to express your intentions before you do a card reading. 

In this way, the tarot cards will also reveal the meaning based on the intent you expressed. Here are some cards that could come out of your next tarot reading. This is what each card means:

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card is your tarot reminder that there is nothing permanent in this world, especially when it comes to your finances. You may be financially stable today, but you don't know what could happen in the future. 

It is a reminder that you need to be more careful with your spending and that you need to spend your money wisely. However, if you are financially low, it is your boost that will remind you that you won't be under financial stress for much too long. With a bit more effort, you can get out of it. 

Ace of Wands

This is the card that speaks of potential and positivity. It is a card that requires you to act on something with energy and power on your side. 

The Ace of Wands usually appears in your tarot reading when you find yourself in an unusual financial situation. Whether it is a new job, the start of a business, or a newly joined finances, this card will encourage you to be a bit more confident in your endeavors.

It is your constant reminder that you need to be cautious, but you need to trust yourself more. With a good balance of both, your natural talents will give you the financially secure future you want. 

Four of Pentacles

Money can bring security and stability to some people. This is why they hold on to their cash so dearly because they worked so hard for it. Sadly, some people engage in malicious and often greedy ways of earning money.

When the Four of Pentacles comes out of your reading, consider it a reminder that you need to loosen your grip on your money a little bit to diminish its control over your life. Remember, money does matter, but you have to look for your comfort beyond what money can provide. 

Five of Pentacles

When the Five of Pentacles shows up in your reading, the tarot cards reveal your finances' real status. You may be experiencing a financially low state, and it is already affecting your psychological and emotional stability. 

You may feel helpless as if you are all alone in where you are right now financially. This is the card that will remind you that help is coming. However, you may need to reach out for it because it won't come that easy. 

Six of Pentacles

This is the card that represents karma and charity. The Six of Pentacles is a reminder for you that earning money is always a two-way street. It is trying to tell you that if you give to others when you have more than what you need, you will come back to you tenfold. 

Likewise, it is a reminder that if others have helped you in the past, now is the best time to pay the good deed forward. What goes around comes around, and unless you continue the cycle of kindness, it will not come back to you the way you want it to. 

How Do You Deal With These Cards Of Fortune?

The cards of fortune can reveal a lot about your finances, but it says more about your attitude towards money. The money you have could be a form of stability in your life, but it should not shape who you are and what you can be. 

The cards will reveal a lot about your status, but each one aims to remind you of a valuable lesson in life. It should teach you that there is nothing permanent in this world. If you are financially up, then good for you, continue working hard to maintain that. 

If you are financially low, continue working hard. Soon, you will see yourself rise again and be in a more financially stable situation. Every circumstance is different, but for as long as you keep in mind that money is just another tool to achieve happiness, you don't have to worry about anything. 

Do not let money take the better version of you. Instead, allow it to make you a better person by sharing your blessings to those who need it the most. 

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