The Case for Nibiru ~ Sumerian Epic (Part 3)

Part 3 of The Sumerian Epic digs deeper into the theories we established through the previous two episodes. Is it possible the ancient mythic battles of the Gods were actually encoded myths about the creation of the solar system? Today, a great deal of rumors, conspiracy theories, and debunkings exists regarding the legendary planet “Nibiru”, but is there actually any evidence to support the existence of such a planet?

Believe it or not, the search for a distant planet beyond Neptune has actually been going on for nearly 200 years, leading to the discovery of Pluto, and several other astronomical bodies way out in deep space. One of the biggest discoveries as of late has been finding that a large roughly Neptune sized object is actually orbiting our sun in a wide elliptical orbit. With the exception that this planet doesn’t appear to come anywhere near us, the rest of the information available about it does seem to match the descriptions of what we’d be looking for with Nibiru.

However, it’s important that if we’re taking this investigation seriously, we have to also take a hard look at the source of the information itself – Zechariah Sitchin. Throughout this episode, we break down what many common criticisms are about Sitchin and his work, and encourage critical thinking and exploration when looking into this material.

Then again, the Nibiru story is not the only theory that seeks to interpret these ancient myths. The Electric Universe Theory also arrives on the scene to provide yet another fascinating explanation of this mythic story, involving our Earth, Mars, and a Brown Dwarf Star. For those wanting to investigate this further, we highly recommend watching the Electric Universe Series, by clicking right here.

Imagine a world of never-ending summer, the sky ablaze with a red glow, prosperity, and abundance abound all across the planet. According to the Wallace Thornhill and Ev Cochrane, this is a world our ancient ancestors knew until a great cataclysm befell our solar system and changed the heavens above and Earth below. These tales are embedded in a forgotten science of cosmology, told in ancient mythological tales, and deeply ingrained within our genes. To explain the reality of mythology, they present a new theory about our current universe. One that is not run by the minuscule forces of gravity, but by the spark of electricity that connects everything in our existence. Stream The_Electric_Universe today!

Thank you for joining us in this episode, we look forward to seeing you in Part 4!

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