Is Sacred Geometry the Answer to the Housing Crisis?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Okay so... let's be real... if you've seen basically ANY Sci-Fi movie of the last decade, you've probably noticed that whole space base, sea base, cloud base thing that's pretty much a staple by now right?

Imagine if we could actually do it though...

How cool would it be to live in Cloud City from Empire Strikes Back or some kind of underwater dome mega city like Atlantis? Or even better... if Elon or Bezos get that whole space habitation thing off the ground (pun fully intended), what if we could be living in the skies of Venus in 50 years?

Well... it's actually not so much Science Fiction anymore. Thanks to the late great Bucky Fuller, Geodesic Domes are an actual thing... and they're almost completely based on principles of geometry and proportion.

So today, as we look to the future and let loose an arrow to be guided by Sagittarius, we're asking something pretty close to home for us... what does a domed future look like for humanity? 'Cause even we wanna build a floating Atlantis style water city some day! So come and break down the science of all of it with us... and see just how to make one of these things and what it could do for our species as we spread out among the stars...

After reading up on Bucky, we just couldn't wait to share:

  • The Sacred Geometry and history of domes
  • How basic physics allows them to float
  • How floating dome mega cities could be the answer to the housing crisis
  • What a future looks like for humanity among the clouds of Venus, the seas of Europa or the dust of a Martian shore

If you're nerding out already, just wait till you see some of these great domes in person!

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit <3


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