COVID-19 is Darker Than You Think...

Hey there...

You know, it feels strange to still be here nearly two years later and still be battling against a pandemic. Like... sure, things have better and the world is starting to open up again, but who would have imagined back in 2020 that a virus like this would spread like... well... a plague?

I'm sure we don't need to tell you how bad things have been...

You've seen it for yourself. The huge economic upheavals, people losing their jobs, losing family members, and a negative feedback loop of fear and confusion giving birth to all manner of conspiracy theories and division over whether it was natural or lab made... or to what extent this whole thing has just be orchestrated by the DAVOS billionaires to engineer their Great Reset.

But there is more darkness festering than you realise...

It's been growing under the surface of our society for years, and the pandemic has brought it to the surface more than ever before.

From full blown mental health crisis, to heartbreaking accounts of loneliness and isolation, things here have got much worse... and I don't think people realise how deep of a hole we're really in. Naturally, social media giants and mainstream media have taken advantage of the "golden" opportunity to oversaturate our minds and lives with advertising and junk when we couldn't escape over lockdown.

All that said... there is a reason all of this needs to be discussed.

There's a reason it's coming up at all...

That's what we want to show you today.

Remember, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one simply turns on the light... and that's what we need to do right now!

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit


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