3 Ways COVID Actually Helped Us!


Hey there! 

Let's be honest... I think we could all do with a collective deep breath right? Is it just me, or has the last week been kinda... nuts? πŸ₯œ It feels like whatever energy patterns have been swirling around for a while are starting to move out, and sometime that's painful and messy, but... giving ourselves space to grow and having those healthy boundaries with ourselves enables us to really shine!

We're excited ... today we thought we'd open the curtains a little more and let some light in. Things have been rough, but if we only look at the what's wrong in the world, that's what we'll continue to manifest. When we can learn to find wisdom and hope amidst all the things being thrown at us by the mainstream media, there's nothing we can't accomplish! 

Remember, the soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.

So, we rounded up three things that actually HELPED us during this pandemic! Everything from lockdowns that helped us with personal boundaries, individuality and self-sovereignty to the environment being cleaned up, and we're ready to make that mindset change...

Just as I came in last week to show us how bad things had gotten... my lovely co-host Shepatch is here with some lovely feminine energy to nurture and patch our wounds. We can't wait to feel the last of this energy moving out, we all deserve it! 

What benefits did COVID bring for you? We're all curious, so let's share the love. πŸ’“ 

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit


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