The Quantum Brain: Evolution or Devolution?

 Hey there!

I feel like we all know the taste of chocolate right?? Or the sensation of the colour red? 

But let's think about that for a second... when you eat a bit of chocolate, it's euphoric, it melts in your mouth, it's got a great taste and it's honestly a whole experience... no? Just me? 🤯

Chocolate is made up of tons of chemicals and ingredients, but we experience them all together when they're converted into an electrical sensation in the brain and then BOOM, instant chocolate heaven.

Turns out, this is the Hard Problem of Consciousness. How and why we perceive things as unified experiences when they're separate things. Or how our brain converts things into sensations called Qualia. 

So, today we're jumping back into Ant Man's Quantum Van to go on a journey into the Quantum Realm in search of our awareness... you know, standard Thursday afternoon stuff.

Join us this week to discover if the brain is in different Quantum States, how manifestation REALLY works and if proof of consciousness can be found deep down in the Quantum World.

Love & Light
Patchman & Team Spirit


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