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Demons Hate Magick Circles... Here's Why

Hey Hey!

You know... following timing and numerology, many magicians will turn to the space in which they work to perform magickal acts. Designating a sacred space is one of the oldest forms of magick and is almost a prerequisite at this point...

In the West Country of England, these spaces are called Whist and Hood, and they are the loci of spirits... a way between worlds. When you create a sacred space, especially by casting a magick circle, many spirits and forces can be made available in greater abundance when you call on them.

In the Greek and Egyptian Mystery Traditions though... stretching all the way back to the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri, magick circles were used as a means of protection from spirits you would call on... kinda like a barrier.

But... where did magick circles come from? And more importantly... how would you go about creating one?

Well... as usual, we got you covered! In today's episode, we're gonna take you through the theory, history and practice of...

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Magick, is it All in Your Head?

Hey There!

We've all heard it before right? 

"Oh magick isn't real... it's just wish fulfilment"

Well... yeah. Of course it's wish fulfilment... its what allows you to manifest your desires in the first place! But every time we see something witchy going on in Hollywood, it's people sitting in circles of candle, chanting or moving in weird ways making magick happen... but when we do that in person, we often realise something profound.

What's going on on the outside is just the surface level...

The REAL magick is happening to us internally... within the deepest recesses of our bodies, within our energetic field and within our mind. If we take the Hermetic Maxim As Above So Below, we are a microcosm of the cosmos... a reflection of the universe itself.

Countless Occultists throughout the years have delved into psychology as a means of explaining aspects of the craft. Even the infamous Aleister Crowley was renowned for integrated psychological practices into his work, with many...

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Occult Magick

Hey there!

Magick is in the air as we dredge closer to Samhain... Can you feel it?

At long last, we have created our very FIRST episode dedicated entirely to Magick! We're not talking about affirmations, mantras, the Law of Attraction or Crystals here... but pure, traditional Magick.

As we move deeper into Scorpio Season, she is guiding us more and more to confront our darkness... the things that present us with fear and trepidation, because the best way to transform is to move through our blocks. 

Magick can often seen overwhelming, especially if you're a beginner. Take one look at a real grimoire and you got manuscript pages written in backwards Latin, filled with alchemical symbols that almost no one knows the meaning of. On top of that... it's difficult to even know where to start thinking at all when you don't have any experience in Magickal Philosophy or Theory that you can relate your practices to.

Well... that changes today. Let me tell you something I think you...

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