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Revolution or Revelation? How LSD Changed History

Hey there!

You know... I really don't think you can beat the Beatles, Stones or Hendrix right? I feel like we kinda peaked in the 60s for a bit there.

We had an explosion of culture, music, art and philosophy, spearheaded by people like Alan Watts, Ram Dass and all the classic Shaman "Professors" who were teaching students in colleges about civil rights, self-expression and free love.

The 50s were pretty much defined by the Cold War between the US and Russia, so the amount of fear, suspicion and control had reached an all time high and finally hit a breaking point... but then something pretty groovy happened.

Albert Hoffman synthesised ergot fungus and created the substance we know today as LSD... one of the most powerful hallucinogens on the planet, and it changed everything.

There was nothing counter about the counterculture…

It was everywhere. Plant Medicines and Psychedelics were part of the air you breathed and the music your listened to. 

*cue Sunshine of Your...

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