Everything You Need to Know About Psychedelics

Hey Everyone! 

You probably expected this at some point right? I mean... we sure do love our movies... and we know you do too ;)

We've done a Human History Movie, a Crystal Movie, a Sacred Geometry Movie and even a Chakra Movie... but it occurred to us recently, we've never done a Psychedelic Movie.

Imagine if you had to start your journey over...

If you knew nothing about Psychedelics...

Where would you even start? After all... it's not exactly the best idea to jump straight in without any research or understanding. But it's always hard knowing where to take your first step right?

It's for that reason that we've brought together EVERY piece of Psychedelic content we've ever made here at Spirit Science into one 2 hour movie to give you the strongest roots and grounding in Plant Medicine! 

For the first time -all in one place, you'll see:

  • The complete history of Psychedelics
  • A definitive guide to Cannabis from a spiritual, scientific and methodological point of view
  • The science, psychopharmacology and religious use of Psychedelics, with a guest appearance from the legendary Dr Rick Strassman
  • How LSD triggered a consciousness shift in the 60s
  • All of our clips and personal encounters that members of our school and staff have experienced with Ayahuasca at Rythmia Life Advancement Centre

So... if you're feeling the Call of the Jungle, this is where you start. 

Love, Light & Transformation
Patchman & Team Spirit <3

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