10 Reasons Why Should See a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

articles Mar 09, 2020

Tree-huggers at heart will rejoice to meet the entrancing rainbow tree. A tree with paint brush-like strokes of neon green, red-orange, and deep maroon may sound like a science-fiction creation, yet the rainbow eucalyptus grows on our very own planet earth!

Here are 10 Reasons why you should add a visit to a rainbow eucalyptus tree to your bucket list:

1) Living Rainbow Bark:  Shedding bark reveals a striking bright green color, which eventually fades to orange-red, then maroon, and brown tones. Because the tree sheds in parts, all of these colors can be present at once, creating a rainbow effect.  

2) Never the Same Tree Twice: You might also call it 'the tree of transformation' because it is continuously shedding and growing fresh layers of bark. Its striking pattern of color continually shifts.

3) Quick Growing: In its native home of the Philippines, this eucalyptus plant is widely used for pulpwood because of its swift growth at around 3 feet per year. It's fast growth also makes it a sustainable resource.

4) A Unique Evergreen: Think of evergreens as trees with dark green needles? Think again. The rainbow tree is evergreen as well, keeping its foliage year-round. 

5) Air Quality Improvement: City planners often choose this tree for dense traffic areas because of its superb ability to clean the air. As the tree sheds older bark, it discards built-up air pollutants. 

6) Colorful Wood Furniture:  Though pulp from this tree produces standard white paper, furniture designed from its wood will retain a variation of its maroon and brown color streaks. 

7) Beautiful and Beneficial:  Bees are attracted to the sweet nectar of the eucalyptus' lovely white flowers, making it useful for honey production and bee preservation alike.  

8) Malaria Prevention:  The rainbow eucalyptus plant can absorb excess water in areas where the mosquito population frequently spreads malaria.  

9) Ease of Cultivation:  Your rainbow tree will require lots of water and humidity being native to Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, but is otherwise a hardy species.

10) Aromatherapy:   While the tree as a whole does not give off an ambient scent, the crushed leaves will produce a clean medicinal aroma.  

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