Everyday Magical Things ~ Amber

Amber may look like a gemstone, but it is actually a fossilized tree sap.

It became widely known thanks to the film Jurassic Park, in which dinosaur DNA was preserved inside of a mosquito inside of some Amber, and harnessed to recreate them in the modern world.

Historically, many Archaeologists have found beautifully carved pieces of it in Graves dating back to 2000 BC and before. In fact, many of the artifacts made from amber did have insects within them. These were probably thought to have magical virtues, as they were carved into talismans, worn to ensure safe and abundant hunting.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians held it in very high esteem. They believed it to cure just about everything as well as to protect the wearer from all harm.

The Greeks were the first to make note of Amber’s ability to hold static electricity when rubbed, this is reflected in the name they gave it, Elektron, the word ‘electricity’ is derived from this original term for used to describe this sap. Due to it’s high esteem it was one of the most valuable trade items for most ancient European cultures.

On a metaphysical level, it is known for:

Healing the Central Nervous System, Brain, memory loss, cell regeneration, stomach anxiety, spine disorders, and overall health protection.

It is said to be excellent for detoxification and as protection against radiation.

It is also helpful in ailments of the endocrine system, spleen, and heart.

It’s incredibly light as well, making it a good “stone” to carry around with you. You can easily make it yourself if you have a tree that sap is leaking from. Simply extract it from the tree, make sure it’s in a stable shape and leave it in the sun to dry.

What do you think? Try wearing some amber, and see how it makes you feel! Many pieces of jewelry have amber embedded in it. They are very popular in necklaces and rings.







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