Everyday Magical Things ~ Ginseng

The word Ginseng comes from the Chinese name “renshen” which literally translates to ‘man root.” It is thought to have been given this name because the root of the plant looks like the legs of a human. Ginseng is any of 11 different varieties of short, slow-growing perennial plants with fleshy roots. It is believed to restore and enhance normal well-being and has become one of the most popular herbal remedies in the world today.

It has some absolutely incredible uses! It is a powerful energy provider, stimulating physical and mental activity among those who are weak and tired. A Mayo Clinic study revealed ginseng showed good results in helping cancer patients with fatigue. It also is said to improve thinking ability and mental cognition. While this has been an ancient claim, it has yet to have any substantial support from rigorous studies today.

This plant has seven constituents, ginsenosides, which have immunosuppressive effects, according to an experiment published in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

Allan Lau, who led the study, said that “Its anti-inflammatory role may be due to the combined effects of these ginsenosides, targeting different levels of immunological activity, and so contributing to the diverse actions of ginseng in humans”.

A few studies in Asia have linked the herb’s consumption to a lower risk of cancer. However, the American Cancer Society has yet to put this through clinical trials.

Men may take it to treat erectile dysfunction and a 2002 Korean study revealed 60% of men who took this herb noticed an improvement in their symptoms. Red Ginseng also is noted for treating Flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

Do your research before taking Ginseng, there are some reports of overdosing on it which effects range from fidgeting and diarrhea to vomiting and seizures. Nevertheless, with such a reputation for its medicinal properties, there is no doubt that this herb is quite powerful and useful to us today.







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