Patch Parable ~ The Parable of the 2 Monks

This episode is a two-parter! The first one is very short and sweet. It starts with 2 monks who need to cross a great river to reach the village on the other side. As they begin, they see a woman struggling to get across the river by herself.

One of the monks swiftly picks her up and carries her across to assist in her journey. For monks, even being in the presence of a woman is forbidden, so this was a very courageous act. As the 2 monks continue their journey, finally the other monk bursts out “How could you do such a thing?! How could you ever touch a woman?!”

The monk laughs, telling the other monk “I put that woman down miles ago, and yet you are still carrying her.” How true indeed.

This parable teaches us not to hold too tightly to our thoughts and to practice seeing our thoughts as things too. We must be in a state of flowing if we wish to be mentally balanced.

Patchman goes on to tell another quick parable. It is the parable of the water pots. An elderly woman carries 2 pots on her shoulders every day as she walks to and from the river. She puts water in both the pots, but one of them has a crack in it. The flawless pot is very proud of itself, as it does its job perfectly.

On the other hand, the cracked pot feels very ashamed and like a failure as it can’t fully carry water like it’s supposed to.

Finally, the cracked pot tells the elderly lady that it’s ashamed of its flaws. The elderly lady smiles, telling the pot she has planted flowers on its side of the path.

Over the past 2 years, it has watered the flowers for her and everyone to enjoy. The pot is filled with happiness in learning its flaws are truly nothing to be ashamed of.

This parable teaches us that something we might see as a personal flaw might be perceived completely differently by someone else. And in fact, what we think of as a flaw might be a great benefit that we’re simply not acknowledging or aware of.



Credits Music: It’s not what you think by Fainted Paces
Background Music: Jesse Bibb

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