Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the Stonecutter

 This episode begins with a stonecutter. As he chips away at a rock, he sinks deeper into a feeling of dissatisfaction with himself and his position in life.

He walked through the town and passed the house of a very powerful merchant. Inside, there were many fine items and other important people all talking together. He became very envious and wished he could be just like the merchant. Eventually, he worked enough to become as powerful as the merchant.

Now he was envied by those who were less fortunate than him. Then, he saw a high official pass by, being carried in a fancy sedan chair and escorted by guards beating gongs. Everyone bowed before the official, and the man thought “I wish I could be a high official.” And then, he became one.

He was carried around in his sedan chair, feared and hated by the people who had to bow before him. One day, the sun was blazing hot and made him very sticky and uncomfortable in his chair. The man thought the sun was so powerful, he wished to be it. And then he was.

He scorched the earth with his blazing heat, being cursed by the farmers and laborers of the land. Then a huge storm cloud came in between him and the earth and rained on the farmer's land. The people cheered for some shade and water, which made the man wish he could be the rain cloud.

And then he was. He flooded the fields and villages with water, everyone shouted up to him in anger. He was then pushed by a force that was so powerful, he wished to be that.

Then he became the wind and blew the tiles off houses, uprooted trees and created a windstorm around everyone. He could push everything, except for a giant rock. He wished to become this powerful, immovable force, and so he did. He was the rock, strong and untouchable.

One day, a man started chiseling away at his base, and he thought, how powerful this man is cutting this stone, I wish to be him; and so he was, going full circle to the beginning of the story, finding himself as the stonecutter.

This is a beautiful parable that reminds us, we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. We are perfect in just being ourselves, and we will not find happiness in trying to be someone else. Our own position is powerful in life, and comparing ourselves to others will only cause jealousy and grief. You are who you are for a very important reason.



Credits Music: Jahon Mikal
Background Music: Matteo Penna

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