Chakra Showers: Tap In Anywhere, Anytime

It's easy to get caught up in the chaos of "today," forgetting that even the most mundane moments have Magic hidden within. Even (and especially) your body, which at times you may find difficult to work with, is a sacred vessel for conscious spiritual experience. So, of course lavish self-care is fun and feels good, but the technique I'm about to discuss goes beyond that and into realms of authentic healing. It can be done anywhere, anytime - whether you have a fancy shower, a holy waterfall, or nothing at all.

I find it particularly helpful to do after or before a Reiki session, to activate my kundalini energy, and tap into the natural Flow within and around me.

"[...] there is a small waterfall on Kurama yama where even today people go to meditate. This meditation involves standing under the waterfall and allowing the water to strike and flow over the top of the head, a practice that is said to activate the crown chakra. Japanese Reiki Masters think that Usui Sensei may have used this meditation as part of his practice." - Reiki, The Healing Touch, William Lee Rand

  1. Turn the water on. ~ Physically, this is literal, and you can use hot or cold water, depending on your preference and intention. Metaphysically, this is simply a shift in awareness. Recognize that energy flows through and around you even when you are not aware, and that when you become aware, this is the first part of inviting Reiki into your flow. Consensual intention-setting.
  2. Step in. ~ Make the move. Align your body with Spirit. Allow yourself to receive, at first through the crown chakra (top of the head), and then notice each stream of water (energy) as it moves down your temples, neck, shoulders, chest, back, hips, legs, and feet. Each physical part of you sings with yearning for this natural magic. This awakens the sleeping snakes of your kundalini, those streams which are ever-present, but that you might not be conscious of. Again, this is a Connection of Deep Intention(s).
  3. Physically, begin your cleansing self-care rituals. Whatever this means for you. ~ I like to start with my shampoo and move down from there, in alignment with the flow of water/energy. (When in the actual bathroom, I turn off the showerhead each time I "suds up," to save water and harmonize even deeper with my body and the planet.)
  4. At each chakra, rest in whatever feelings present themselves. ~ There are seven main chakras we speak of in Reiki and kundalini meditation - Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Each has their own unique color, sensation, and activation, but all share the same Loving, Rainbow Source. This is why once you become aware of or even attuned to Reiki Flow, it is hard to ignore.
  5. Rinse (and repeat if necessary). ~ This is the time to get comfortable with your most intimate "self," in body and soul. There's no need to shy away or hide now; in fact, open up a dialogue. Touch your body tenderly. Speak aloud or sing. There's a reason why most people sing in the shower; their inhibitions and harsh judgments practically go down the drain! No matter where you are physically, you can tap into this Flow and let go. It's all about recognizing the Shower in and around you. Your personal, beautiful toroidal field.
  6. When the physical water stops, breathe deep and recognize that even when your awareness shifts, the energy is still flowing. Sit with this feeling for a moment and be conscious of it throughout your day. Mindful breaths are always helpful for tapping back into this energy.
  7. This is a bit of an "extra" step, but I always like to add a layer of diamond-inspired protection to my body and aura. Physically, this comes in the form of an essential oil blend for empaths (coconut oil, frankincense, spearmint, and tea tree or lavender). Metaphysically, this is the intention to filter (and sometimes even transmute) energies that flow through my field. I do not cling to any particular energy; I simply enjoy the natural movement of Life.

May you find pieces of Peace in this little-but-big act of self-care, or elsewhere. Thank you for being born and for being present.

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