Harmonize for the Holidays: Watch the Crystal Friday Replay!

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2021

In case you missed it... 

Clear your energy with the full Crystal Friday replay here:


As you know, the holidays can be hard, especially when we succumb to stress and societal pressures.

(*cough cough* Tribal shame, anyone?)

Well, this year, we've started a new tradition.

On Black Friday, while many people held their breath waiting for the "best deal" in stores...

We held our breath for harmony... and released... and repeated!

Cleansing our bodies, minds, and hearts with nothing but breath.

We also harmonized our energy fields with a powerful meditation.

Thanks be to Great Spirit, and of course to Jordan River for hosting & guiding this journey. And to Garth Wolf, for bestowing breathfuls of wisdom upon us.

We stan the divine masculine that holds space for us to flow!

This Season of the Centaur is a momentous occasion...

Not just for Spirit Mysteries, but for the whole world.

As Jordan said, "You're helping the whole body of collective consciousness to grow, to transform. Your transformation counts."

So, spread the word!

Share this event with your loved ones. You might be surprised what a little group meditation can do...

After all, your full presence is a gift. 😉

Happy Holidays! Let's make this season the best one yet!

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