How this Spirit Mysteries Initiate Brings Higher Knowledge Down to Earth

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

The First Initiation

On the surface, it might seem like mystical initiation is a “one-time thing,” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Whether we know it or not, our lives are filled with initiations of all kinds… some private (like a plant medicine ceremony), others public (like a graduation or wedding).

This is the balance between receptive feminine energy and externalized masculine energy.

Aaron Gonzales, aka Higher Knowledge G, embodies this idea in totality.

And it’s not easy!

His story is one of powerful, life-and-death transformation.

By the time I was a year old, I was diagnosed with diabetes. The older I grew, the sicker I got. I was in and out of the hospital.

To cope with this, he grew up stealing from friends and family, taking on the poverty consciousness of his community.

One day, I was walking to the store with my cousin, and I fell three times. First two times, I got up. The third time, I had a seizure and went into a coma. The doctors told my parents I wasn’t going to come out the same.

In a way, they were right.

I woke up three days later and couldn’t remember anything. But I knew in that moment that I was meant to reprogram my mind.

A Fresh Start

After this experience, Aaron was on a mission to learn how to balance his chi, life-force energy.

I grew older and came to realize that we are all part of The One, and faith is only a stepping stone to knowledge.

Spirit Science was one of many resources that helped him wake back up” to this truth.

He also dove deep into books like “The Kabbalah” and “Think & Grow Rich” that helped him uncover the true power of the subconscious mind...

This is the dreamy part of our consciousness that absorbs information not only from this world, but other worlds that we can’t experience physically.

It’s with this vital tool that Aaron, like all of us, can shift his whole way of thinking and thereby transform his life for the better.

Your subconscious mind is pretty much your healer.

Into the 3D...

From his near-death experience, to total ego-rebirth...

One of his biggest lessons has been how to help people uncover the magick and mystery within themselves.

He’s even become a bit of a shepherd for wayward seekers…

I have a little community. It's kind of like this one. But everybody that comes into my community, I send them here. [Spirit Mysteries]

The key to helping people, Aaron says, is to speak their language.

To do this, we need to stay quiet and receive, to know what they need to hear, if any of it…

If I’m trying to tell people what I’ve learned, I don’t want to throw them down a rabbit hole that they can't get out of. That would be like giving somebody a lawn mower, and they don't even have grass. 

That’s why I sit with my higher self first before telling anyone anything.

This is Feminine energy, and he's been leaning into this in more ways than one...

I thought I was in my feelings. That was the problem, you know? I thought. 

I was about to go to bed, to meditate, and I bust out crying. I realized that I've been keeping the Divine Feminine just locked up in me, like a snake all coiled up.

Now, thanks to the guidance of a fellow Initiate and friend, he’s determined to go out in nature more… not to think or read or study, but to immerse himself in the nurturing wisdom of Mother Earth.

That which is experienced with the physical senses.

I'm trying to receive the downloads. I just want to soak it all in... and I want to practice it too. That way, it’s not just’s specialized knowledge.

Feminine & Masculine Energy

One of the ways he applies this is with Patch Tarot. Recently, he received his brand new (and signed) deck! He gave his mom a reading, which immediately answered any questions she had.

Numerology, astrology, the elements… all of it comes together to bring clarity.

In this way, it’s the perfect tool to practice balancing those dual feminine and masculine muscles of learning.

The truth of the matter is that your “beast” nature is just your feminine side that needs equilibrium by the joining of masculine and feminine to create the child.

The inner child’s imagination takes him to places un-sensible to the 5 senses…

And so the cycle continues. Initiation after initiation.

What I have to say for all lost souls is that you will find your soul’s journey.

You are a beautiful, crystalline diamond now. So "shine on, you crazy diamond." (Words from Pink Floyd!)

Love all, all love.

For we all are pillars of infinite light!πŸ’‘πŸŒˆβš‘οΈπŸ”†πŸŒ• 

Love is law, Truth is law, and Authenticity is law. Do with thou wilt, know thyself! I am a light-worker and a spirit medicine walker.

Let’s teach and learn from each other how to light the path of the soul…

Amen, A’ho, & So It Is.

Thank you for being born, Aaron. We love you!

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