How to Effectively Declutter Your Life


When you look around your space, does it feel like the walls are closing in around you? Do you have a hard time finding things you need or feel like there is just too much stuff? Unnecessary clutter in your life can cause needless stress. Having a cluttered life distracts you from what's essential, and it weighs you down, making your life all the more chaotic. 

Taking care of the clutter may seem like an impossible task at first. It's difficult to know how and where to start decluttering. However, if you can devote even just a bit of time, you will conquer the mess. Soon, you will feel less stressed, and you'll enjoy a productive and organized life

In order to declutter your life, your home, or your workplace, you're going to have to start small. Start with something doable and not overwhelming. When you focus all your efforts on decluttering, then you'll soon see improvements in your everyday life. It will then be easier for you to maintain the orderliness of everything long-term. 

Steps to Decluttering Your Life

The process of decluttering is necessary if you want to achieve calmness and peace of mind. If you've been feeling stressed, chances are most areas of your life are cluttered. It's time to prioritize organizing your life.

Decluttering is not just about having a messy house, bedroom, or office. A lot of the times, our minds need decluttering as well. Our brains are full of mental notes, reminders, schedules, to-do lists, and so much more. Let's take a look at some of these professional organizing tips that can help you reorganize your mind and your life. 

Reducing Commitments

Most often, we feel that we live a cluttered life because we have so many commitments at home, in school, or at the office. These responsibilities may even extend to obligations with friends, your church, or other organizations with which you're involved. 

Start the process of organizing your commitments by getting a piece of paper and writing down all of your responsibilities to people, groups, or institutions. When you've written down everything, you'll realize why you've been feeling so overwhelmed

With this list, you can now start the process of reducing your checklist to include only the things that either make you happy and fulfilled or are absolutely necessary. 

Think about each one of those commitments. Do they add value to your life? Are they worth your time? Do you love doing what you do? Answering these questions will help you eliminate what's not necessary from your life. 

Improving Your Daily Routine

For many of us, we fail to make a routine for our day-to-day lives. We just work on whatever's on top of our pile of tasks. We forget some things and only realize that we haven't done it when it's already due. It could be a project, homework, reports for work, or even chores. It's always fun to realize you haven't done the laundry when you run out of clothes to wear. 

If you don't have a strict structure as that may just add more stress. However, a way to improve your daily routine is by batching your tasks. For example, you can do the laundry on weekends and ensure that you'll prepare enough clothes that will last you for the whole week. 

Again, it will be helpful if you have a piece of paper or even a notebook so you can write your daily and weekly responsibilities, tasks, and chores. This way, you can create and plan your routines. When you're finished making a routine for yourself, you can then put it somewhere that you see daily.

When you have a structure for your days, then you feel more in control and that things are in order. This feeling of power will help you with your peace of mind.

Maintaining Order in Your Life

You can declutter any area of your life by following the steps mentioned in the previous tip. It's best to have a pen and paper at hand so you can make lists. With the list, you can then start to eliminate what's not necessary. 

If you're trying to declutter physical objects like things in your home or office, you can approach it the same way. Ask yourself if you need it, love it, or it makes you happy. If it doesn't bring you value or joy, then it's best to let it go. You may even lookup "declutter your home checklists" or make your own to help you keep track of where you need to declutter next.

However, for this clutter-free life to be maintained, you need to have a system. Start with the routine you've created and work from there. Assess certain areas of your life on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It will help you tackle things for the short term and also maintain the order of things in the long run. 

What's important here is that you give this process the time that it needs. Spend five minutes at the end of each day evaluating your list and checking off what's been done and looking at what else needs to be accomplished. Do this again every week, and so on. You'll soon find that it's an enjoyable activity because it will give you a great feeling of fulfillment. 

Remember that consistency will be the key factor in maintaining a clutter-free life. Fight off procrastination and focus on your goals. Always think of how great it feels when you're not feeling stressed. Life will be so much more enjoyable when you know that you have control over your schedule, routine, and the way that your days are organized. 

Start decluttering your life today. Don't expect to finish the process in one day over the weekend. It's going to be a long process. You need to be patient and committed in order to create your life. Day by day, try to reduce the clutter. Soon enough, you will feel freer, more in control, and happier. 

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