How to Lead With The Heart

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The first part of you is your perspective. Your decisions that you make are based upon the view that you choose to take. Leading with the heart is the idea of perceiving things as the soul perceives things - from a unified perspective.

The problem is the idea that we must lead with our mind to be "rational," and that we have associated the concept of perceiving things in a unified sense as ungrounded or idealistic or irrational. This is the perspective of not having experienced viewing items from the heart's perspective and not having made critical decisions with that perspective being the dominating perspective.

The solution is to allow the mind to relax into it's the more comfortable role of observing and reacting - not projecting out expected values without regard for the more easeful and many times unseen route.

Neurologically speaking, your heart is your brain as much as your mind is your brain.

As the central organ in your physical body, the heart is the FIRST organ that the intelligence that creates life develops. Before you were the you that you recognize as a fetus, you were simply a heart. That's it.

Therefore, it stands to reason that this physical organ could be perceived to be relatively more foundational (say, essential) to the experience of life than all other parts of the body.

If this was the case, we would likely see this organ communicating through various mechanisms to all other parts of the region, which we do, not only through the transportation of blood through blood vessels (physical) but also through the endocrine system's delivery of various hormones (emotional) and the nervous system's transport of electrical impulses to the brain (mental). The heart truly unifies all aspects of the human bodily system.

In addition to all of this, we can feel it in the form of the most potent non-physical energy available to us - Love. Very practically, you feel a sensation in your chest when you experience great upliftment of love towards another.

When you feel compassion for another situation; when you experience the sense of fulfillment of awakening; when you look into your daughter's or mother's eyes and see the love that is feel this in your heart, in your body.

This is a real sensation that reminds you of where your power is. Metaphysically speaking, your heart represents your core and your balance. Seated in between groundedness and cosmic curiosity, the heart is the harmony of all parts of ourselves playing music beautifully together. This is why we feel the sense of excitement and joy when we hear music that seems to communicate to our soul - it is through the heart's resonance that this is done.

Notice the clarity that occurs when you begin to perceive things as your heart does.

Remember the functions of the heart as a unifier, as a valve. It does not hold onto something. Stuff comes in, and stuff goes out. It does not stop. Applying this principle to the way that you perceive your experience in the world is not airy-fairy bullshit; it is real and practical and beneficial to you on all levels.

There is a belief that you can choose to hold that states that everything is always in alignment with your vision and goals, no matter what. With this belief, which is your operating system, you don't stress, and you don't get caught up in the drama. There is a sense of clarity that you have, and therefore your creations have when you operate with these beliefs steadfastly.

Allow your brain to react to the observations and become the master of response.

We had a Spirit Science friend that began a social venture supporting disabled children. She, like many social entrepreneurs, came to develop her enterprise out of the desire to serve others more effectively. In essence, she was leading with her heart in that she was always in her love for her self and her beneficiaries. She saw the work that she was doing as important and impactful because she saw the experience of her beneficiaries' lives change.

Also, like many social entrepreneurs, she was initially very hesitant to apply "business principles" to her heart-centered vision of the impact that she wanted to make in the world. She was not allowing her mind to play its role in responding to the intention of the heart. After an immersion into whiteboarding and strategizing, this founder was able to SEE how you could both be entirely in your heart and allow your mind to FULLY be in its mastery, utilizing the tools of business and strategy to fulfill a heart-led desire.

She began to test and iterate on different business models, ultimately selecting a membership model. Two years after being a solo founder working out of her garage on her parents' dime, she now has a very impactful and profitable business with five full-time employees, reaching over 100,000 disabled children just last year. This would not have been possible without the mind being allowed to take its place as the observer and executor.

When you lead with the heart, you see through the illusion. You see through all of the bullshit that has nothing to do with what you want to feel for yourself and share with others. For those that are committed to playing mind games, this will look irrational. They will see one perspective and one perspective only, which is linearity. Point A to Point B to Point C. If it does not connect, it does not compute.

You, in your heart, experience non-linearity. This method of thinking involved using your emotions as a guide. This allows your insights to come from within and not necessitate outside intervention. It is a form of self-confidence that is humble, and that can irritate the perspective that what is on the outside defines what is one the inside.

Leading with your heart is first and foremost about the perception that you choose to have. You must realize that you have a choice in the understanding that you chose, and that is the first and most important decision that you can make. If you select a unifying, heart-based perspective, then your choices will more easily be within that domain. Deciding your life for yourself, your family, your team all stem from your operating belief system, which is synonymous with your perspective. The more that we can embody the heart, the more that we will create with ease.

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