How to Shoot for the Moon & Never Miss... The Power (& Patience) of Sagittarius ♐️

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2021

Last Friday, Spirit Mysteries Initiates from all over the world gathered for a magnetic Manifestation Moon Ceremony. Talk about TOTAL upgrade! Watch the Astrology Forecast here:


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Between recent solar flares, a total solar eclipse, AND the impending seasonal shift...

"Manifesting" might feel kind of scary. Especially if there is a lack of trust in our relationship with the physical world.

Many people are avoiding intention-setting right now, to honor the slower, introspective energy of both the eclipses and the winter season.

There's a key thread to all of this, that needs to be woven back in.

You probably have some awareness of the power of visualization… 

But do you know about the power of embodiment?

Sagittarius is teaching us how to have vision without seeing.

This is a big step in the manifestation process, no matter where you're at with it.

It's not just about the eyes. It's about bringing the power of the Mind into the body.

Astrologically, this is the perfect time to get grounded, even and especially if you’re confused or can’t see your "target."

Before "Shooting for the Moon..." Anchor Your Earth-Star

The "earth-star" chakra is one that extends below your feet - it is your deepest connection with Mother Earth, and your ancestors.

Holding generations of both trauma and triumph, this energy wheel is a rich, fertile ground for your transformation.

This means... the more we sink into the basic elements of our bodies, the more we can unlock - not just about our past - but about the map of Creation itself.

You can work with this energy by standing barefoot on the ground and expanding your awareness downward.

If it helps, imagine your ruby red root chakra dripping down into Mother Earth and meeting her in the magma...

(I personally also really enjoy getting down-and-dirty with Gaia...literally. I'll get naked and cover myself in dirt. It's very powerful.)

This is really good medicine for opening yourself up not just to visuals, but to full-body sensations and messages.

Your Body Holds the Keys

In the same way Earth orients herself toward our Sun, we can orient ourselves toward our creative light. Our life-force.

We do this by paying attention to and dancing with the patterns of the universe...

Syncing our cycles with cosmic ones.

We all have our tilts, and spins, and orbits… and it all changes so frequently, sometimes we get dizzy.

This is why astrology exists in many different forms.

To remind you that the school of Life is everywhere, all the time, ever-unraveling in your favor, not so you can "graduate" or “hit the mark...” 

But so that you can fully integrate your soul with Earth’s abundance and grace.

Long have we walked on Her shoulders… and it’s time now to heal with her, as one collective life-form.

So, shine bright like the star that you are, Earthling, and lean into the direction Sagittarius is guiding you to…

As you close your eyes to open your Full-Body-Vision, please know that your threads are falling perfectly into place.

Amen, A’ho, & So It Is.

Thank You to everyone who attended last week's Manifestation Moon. The magick we create in those ceremonies is life-changing.

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