Living Through Synchronicity

My wife Katie and I have been living through synchronicity for a few years now. We have two children (a one-year-old boy and a three and a half-year-old girl) and live in Sedona, Arizona. We moved to Sedona after a series of synchronistic events led us to do so, having only spent a few days visiting the year before.  

Today, we manage our day-to-day life fairly rigidly in the sense that we have non-negotiables that each of us must do every day, every week, and every month. This might sound counterintuitive to the idea of living through synchronicity. But it is not.

See, living through synchronicity is not the most natural path to take initially. However, there is a knowingness that one experiences when doing this. This knowingness takes an enormous amount of trust in yourself and beliefs in yourself AS the experience of which you are both aware and unaware.

Life Decisions Based On Synchronicity

You are saying that when you begin to make larger and larger life decisions based upon synchronicity, you trust yourself more than you trust your external environment. Yet, you trust yourself AS the external environment. And when you are phasing in and out of this state of confidence, staying completely focused on doing the basic things you need to do, foundational things in your life can be challenging.

Integrating more of your spiritual self—which is, in essence, what is happening—takes you out of your mind and into your heart. This movement can cause people to become ungrounded in physical reality.

Set Up Your Foundations

Discipline in your systems is crucial. It is easy to get swept up in the beauty and awe of how this all flows through you. Writing down everything important, having positive daily routines, speaking affirmations nightly, and not negotiating on the lower portions of your real hierarchy of needs is essential.

With your foundation set, living through synchronicity provides you an experience unlike anything that you can imagine.

  • So much abundance
  • So much invincibility
  • So little fear

Keep in mind that although this is very rare to find someone doing this, it is and will become much, much more common in our generation’s lifetime. Eventually, there will be large groups of people who trust themselves and are compelled to live together in a state of synchronicity. This is where our society is headed, as this is a much more natural process (natural in that it energetically aligns more perfectly with the properties built into the fabric of our reality, such as phi).

Let Go Of Fear

There are many perceived limitations to living through synchronicity. The primary and most encompassing of all individual fears is the fear of change or the fear of the unknown. Just as with any anxiety that arises to the surface of awareness, it is meant to be looked at. This fear is a holographic representation of the great fear of not knowing yourself. Who you are IS changed much more than your name or the story of this life that you tell people. You already know this, but are essentially giving yourself the experience of forgetting so that you can learn from the experience of remembering.

When you know who you are, living through synchronicity becomes an activity that is not only possible but honestly the only sensible choice.  

When there are shades of forgetfulness—which happen and are intended to happen—you allow the idea of doubt into your awareness, which manifests thoughts, emotions, and physical experiences that reflect that doubt. This makes a living through synchronicity much more challenging.

So, as we level up our consciousness and flex our energetic muscles of knowing, trusting, and acting upon our intuition, we must continue to embrace change. This is truly the only constant that guides us through the experience of living in our hearts.

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