Move Money (NOT Mountains) - The Capricorn Manifestation Moon Forecast

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022

Last week, Initiates gathered from all around the world to celebrate the first New Moon of the New Year! Watch this video to get the astrological download...


If you’ve been feeling “heavy” lately, this could be why...

Energy is trying to move through you. So let it!

If you're resisting one form of energy, you're probably blocking other forms too...

Preventing you from channeling peace and prosperity through your whole body.

So breathe deep, relax, and laugh a little... it's good medicine.

BONUS Astrology Download: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

I didn't mention this in the forecast video, so if you’re reading this - you’re already ahead of the cosmic curve. ;)

When a planet “retrogrades,” it simply looks like it’s going backwards in the sky.

What’s really happening is it’s completing another orbit around the sun.

In many ways, we move similarly... ("one step forward, two steps back")

With this in mind, we can see a retrograde as a time of revision, completion, and release...

With Venus, this is all about revising our personal values and relationships.

Not always easy, is it?

But the goddess is teaching us how to fully embody her cyclical nature, to help us move energy where it needs to go!

(Whether that's money, relationships, or projects...)

Sacred Feminine Geometry

["The Five Petals of Venus and it's 8-year cycle" - from]

There's a scientific reason why Venus is associated with beauty... This is it!

Venus has the most circular orbit of any planet in our solar system.

Hidden in this sacred geometry is a Divine Feminine code...

Breathe deep and soften your gaze upon this image...

You don't have to know what any of it means.

You just need to breath, relax, smile - and download.

This is Venus' medicine, and Capricorn says, "we can do this the easy way, or the hard way."

Let Venus make things easier for you...

This means LOVING your body... finding the beauty in your imperfections, softening whenever and wherever possible...

So the energy flows where it needs to go...

And you can embody your soul's highest expression.

Best of blessings to you, now & always.

With Love,
Amelia and all of Team Spirit✨

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