Spirit Science LIVE #2 ~ Victor Oddo

spirit science live video Dec 04, 2020

Victor Oddo is a light-worker and spiritual force in the online community that has made it his mission to empower and help awakening souls through the challenges of the awakening process. Victor has crafted unique courses, blogs, youtube videos, coaching, and many other channels in which he brings forth immeasurable light to the collective.

In this episode, we cover a vast array of spiritual topics. From the struggles of spiritual awakening to finding your life purpose. Victor and Jordan discuss facing your own darkness in order to reach enlightenment, Kundalini awakening and the dark night of the soul, how creating from a heart-centered space is the foundation of spiritual business, the correlation of Corona Virus and our consciousness, plant medicines role in the awakening process, the spiritual renaissance happening today, using science as a key to spirituality, learning to fly, and how we can engage with the wild within us all.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjer...

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey. In this podcast, we explore various topics - from the mystic arts to personal transformation, and from ascension to disclosure. Spirit Science LIVE hosts engaging and multi-faceted discussions, expanding our thinking about what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Join us for a curious exploration into life’s great mysteries.

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