Spirit Science Live #27 - Thomas Carriere

Thomas Carriere is an adept of advanced wellness technologies, passionate about personal empowerment, and a committed student of ancestral wisdom, Thomas is a multidisciplinary freedom entrepreneur, leader & guide that focuses on helping individuals transform themselves and embody a more impactful & conscious life.

He spent 3+ years of full-time research & experimentation in alternative healing modalities: meditation, subconscious reprogramming, energy and quantum healing, shamanic journeys, ceremonial guidance, sacred geometry activation and light configuration techniques.

Coming from an Engineering background and with more that 7 years of successful corporate career in Technology & Business Consulting, Thomas offers a unique perspective in the comprehension & utilization of advanced technologies - both organic & inorganic - for the transformation of our personal experience of life, the betterment of our collective and the spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Thomas is now leading an organization of 1600+ leaders promoting a revolutionary personal frequency therapy technology, is a regular speaker at events and podcasts on the topic of Science meets Spirituality and Conscious Entrepreneurship, and continues to offer his personal services upon request.

For more info on Description:Thomas Carriere, visit:
Website: https://www.kuralmodernshaman.com/​
Website: https://www.resonance-frequencies.com/​
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kural444/


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