Spirit Science LIVE #3 ~ Bridget Neilsen

spirit science live video Dec 11, 2020

Bridget Nielsen is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world. She has evolved as an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following.  She is also a professional artist and plant-based chef, sharing her personal wisdom with those drawn to her energy.  She is a world-renowned facilitator and has hosted many retreats in sacred sites around the world. She has inspired the lives of many, with over 200 videos and 4 million views to enlighten your spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial engagement, and living a healthy life that fulfills your soul.

In this episode, we dive deep into UFO’s and alien attacks, the nature of human consciousness, how to contact spiritual beings and ET’s, healing ancestral trauma, alien abduction, and hybrid children, teleportation, connecting to our intuitive nature, and utilizing ancient wisdom to move forward as a collective, and exploring the infinite possibilities of connecting to our infinite and expansive potential.

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The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey. In this podcast, we explore various topics - from the mystic arts to personal transformation, and from ascension to disclosure. Spirit Science LIVE hosts engaging and multi-faceted discussions, expanding our thinking about what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Join us for a curious exploration into life’s great mysteries.

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