Spirit Science LIVE #8 ~ Chedi Jouini

spirit science live video Dec 19, 2020

Chedi Jouini (The Journey) has been doing educational animations on Youtube for 5 years mostly based on Jungian psychology, spirituality and healing techniques. He's a psychology graduate trained in different neo-shamanic psycho-therapeutic healing modalities that guarantee rapid emotional blockage clearing. He also coaches people on how to access and make permanent higher states of consciousness (bliss, unconditional love, Gaia connection, social flow, fearlessness, oneness, presence, etc).

In this episode, we discuss the many modalities of healing, the origin of our blockages, the power of plant medicine in regards to our energy field, our connection to the planet, earthing, the power of silence and solitude, and what it means to be enlightened.

Check out more of Chedi's work: - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPalX5tJprIlv7HqjQWP7cA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The.Journey.P.K.T

The world is changing. Can you feel it? The mission of Spirit Science is to support you in your personal and spiritual evolution by providing a safe and sacred space to explore and experience your own spiritual journey. In this podcast, we explore various topics - from the mystic arts to personal transformation, and from ascension to disclosure. Spirit Science LIVE hosts engaging and multi-faceted discussions, expanding our thinking about what is real, what is true, and what is possible. Join us for a curious exploration into life’s great mysteries.

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