The Hiding Illuminati of National Treasure

hidden spirituality video Sep 11, 2020

The whole basis of this episode can be:

Is there an ancient Egyptian/Freemason super-treasure hidden in America? I am using the movie's points to explore and see if any of it is factual, or if there is anything NOT in the film worth exploring. 

Lol, when they’re crossing the ocean with the treasure, he’s got an “all-seeing eye” medallion. Illuminati Confirmed? (Honestly, we could have an “Illuminati confirmed” counter running through this one, just like a running joke of how many Lil Illuminati nods we can find). 

They said, “the templars believed the treasure was too great for one man,”... so instead of sharing it with the world, they hid it from everyone and smuggled it to America and then continued to hide it forever…??? They say the all-seeing eye is a symbol of the knight's templar… could it be a benevolent symbol, as the movie suggests? (We must be careful with that one, people will think we’re evil :P ) 

Probably something could be said about intentions - Boromirs intentions are evil in this one, the same as his past life in middle earth… Yet without his help, they might not have found charlotte? But he does things with violence, and that gets him in trouble soooo… He turns on his buddy! Yet that also facilitates the movie so.. hrm...

Could there be a hidden treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence? (This is referenced in Stargate show, Plausible Deniability - If they take something real but covered up and secret, and make a movie about it if people say “oh look its a conspiracy!” The government can then say, “um no, that’s a movie” even though they have secrets about the same thing. It just offloads the feelings of conspiracy for the masses). 

What would have happened if Nicholas Cage said, “yeah, alright, let’s steal it” in the boat? The very different movie could have been interesting! Could Riley and Nicholas Cage have survived that explosion for real? I don’t think so…

The Declaration of Independence is very difficult to read...

It says it’s only declaring independence for the 13 states (obviously which expanded) - but it’s funny that 13 is considered an unlucky number and is excluded from elevators worldwide. Does that mean America is naturally unfortunate or doesn’t exist? If they hadn’t messed with the declaration and caused it to go to the preservation room, and wouldn’t have been able to steal it. So he could have protected it by, you know… leaving it alone! 

Plus wtf was ians plan anyways? He didn’t know it’d be in the preservation room?? This movie has a special place in my heart from childhood, but it’s very problematic. I think Riley is the best character in this thing. 

LMFAO- He’s at the Gala and looks into Dr. Chase’s eyes and said “I’m about to steal the declaration of independence,” She looks at him like “you dog” and then does nothing. She should just have called security right then and there. At least saying “keep an eye on him” 

LMFAO, the dad's logic is so dumb. “Every clue will just lead you to another clue and another clue, and that’s all you’ll ever find.” - yet…. Jesus! The charlotte WAS THE FIRST CLUE!!!! Lol, if there was no treasure, would they have put a map on the declaration's back? Come on, Angelina Jolie’s Dad., sheesh.

 Yeah, there could be a good conversation about “Illuminati” as enlightened ones vs. Illuminati as in an evil way in controllers of the world. 

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