Tips to Get Better at Dealing with Big Changes

It takes courage to deal with the changes that come in life—especially the traumatic or large ones like moving, losing a loved one, or losing a job. Cultural changes can have the same effect, especially when entering a country or state far different from your own. It won't happen overnight, and the acceptance will take a while too. However, when equipped with an open mind and an even bigger heart, you can embrace anything that comes your way. 

How The Mind Deals With Changes

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly have to deal with traumatic change overnight? For example, what if a storm came and left your whole community devastated? Houses are torn down, and you can't find the people you love. The phone lines are down, and there is no way to communicate with people to let them know you're alive and well. 

Such changes force you to give up your habitual patterns. You cannot go back to your usual routine and have to learn to adapt to your new environment. But then again, the mind has its own unique way of dealing with change, a change management process if you will.

What happens during the brain's change management process?

The mind complains.

When it doesn't like the change that is happening, the mind will have a long list of complaints. When this happens, you may find yourself asking -- why me? You become unhappy with the changes and can only see the negative.

The mind gets angry.

Sadly, when you become angry, you may lash out at the people around you. This may stem from your desire for control when there is none or someone to blame for your discomfort or pain. Because of this anger, you may start to distance yourself from others. 

The mind searches for comfort. 

The mind will always seek to return to your comfort zone. If you are on a diet, your mind will remind you of the comfort that eating french fries brings into your life. And then you begin to feel the cravings and the urge to give in only becomes stronger.

The mind tries to take back control. 

When the mind does this, it isn't always bad. In fact, as long as the mind strives for control, it means that you have your own version of check and balance within you. But then again, it may become its own stressful situation when you need to go with the flow, but you want control. 

The mind will want to get help. 

At this point, turning to friends and family for help is one of the useful things that the mind does when it's dealing with change. Sometimes, support is not about being saved. Instead, the brain is seeking help so that it can quickly learn to adapt to the new normal. 

Every person has his own way of dealing with change. While some may be all-embracing, others resist the change and end up fighting it. At this point, the goal is to reduce stress, accept the change, and live mindfully. Find joy in change and feel the gratitude of being alive. 

Tips On How To Cope With Change

Transformational change happens more than once in a lifetime. People who are given enough strength and control can go through these changes with utmost bravery. Whether it is a change in one's personal life or change in the workplace, it is a must for people to realize the potential of who they can be because of change.

The only thing that is constant in this world is change. But this does not mean that people will get used to it. How do you learn to cope with the significant changes in your life? Come out as a better person with these strategic change tips:

Acknowledge the fact that change will inevitably happen. 

Sometimes, you get so caught up fighting change that you forget to see the beauty and lessons that change brings. More often than not, the change that happens in a person's life brings about a new opportunity to help them get better. Denial can be a compelling force, but it can also be destructive. Denying the need for help can hinder a person from growing. 

Things change, and it is okay. Protect yourself from the bad things that the change could bring about, but at the same time, allow yourself to be open to accepting that change comes with benefits as well. 

Good change can be stressful too. 

When people go through a positive change in their life, they get surprised when they find themselves in a stressful situation. For example, having a baby for the first time can bring about positive news to the family, but it can come with a strange kind of stress too. Remember that change becomes stressful only when you fight against it. It is okay to feel anxiety, even if the change that is happening is a positive experience. Take it as the new normal. Allow yourself to feel it. After all, it is a reminder that you are alive and well. 

Stick to your regular schedule as much as you can. 

If you are experiencing a massive change in your life or even one more than one at the same time, the best thing to do is to stick to what you regularly do. As much as you can, try to stick to the plan while you slowly ease into the new normal. 

For example, when you welcome the latest addition to your family, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done. But then, hold on to the things that keep you stable. 

If you are used to waking up early for a thirty-minute run, then go ahead and continue doing that. For as long as it does not disrupt the new schedule you are trying to make, it is okay. Sticking to a routine allows your brain to adjust slowly. Carefully, you will be able to tick off the new things that need to be done without so much stress. 

Finally, give yourself some space to breathe. Take a break because you deserve it. At the moment, while change is happening, you may feel like you are not in control. For some, this may cause fear or anxiety. 

Remember, as a human being; you are allowed to worry about what the change will bring. But also as a human being, you should be open to the possibilities that change brings in your life. Not only will it bring about something new, but this new thing might teach you a thing or two about how to survive life.

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