Witness this Heroic Musician Beat the Devil and Overcome Procrastination

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2021

You’re the Hero of Your Life-story

Think about it...in every hero’s journey, a brave soul adventures into a new world, struggles and triumphs, learns and evolves, and brings fresh wisdom back home.

This is what it’s like to initiate yourself into the Mysteries, and to practice self-mastery. It’s a personal choice that leads to deeper choices down the road, and often requires leaps and bounds of Faith. Faith is fuel for your perseverance and personal evolution, and it is the antidote to fear.

Our dear friend and Initiate, Adam Melville, knows this truth well, for he experiences the battle between Faith and fear every day. The best part? Faith is winning.

Adam’s conscious spiritual journey started when his friend showed him The Hidden Human History movie on Spirit Science while they were high on cannabis. Although this use of the plant medicine was recreational, it was also revolutionary because it opened the doors of Adam’s higher consciousness and allowed him to fully receive the spiritual downloads he needed. By the time he joined Spirit Mysteries, he was becoming more and more aware of the power of plant medicine and how it could be a tool for transformation. And he was ready to learn so much more…

The 7 Day Transformation got me interested [in the school], and the idea of a community that I could learn, grow with, and be inspired by really pushed me to take the leap of faith.

Of course, the call to adventure is not complete without first facing a level of fear or trepidation. It’s only natural that there are massive blocks for us to overcome before fully stepping on a new path. Initially, Adam was very timid and had a lot of social anxiety. Like many of us, he avoided social interaction due to fears of judgment or rejection, and felt like he didn’t belong. Little did he know, the one thing he avoided would be the catalyst for his growth, especially when the pandemic hit.

The desire to grow together in a community of like-minded individuals in a time when we couldn’t connect with people physically eventually won me over, and I’m super grateful that it did.

He joined the school during a time of huge social transformation, and so his personal transformation aligned with the collective shift. He, like so many of us, had to be pushed out of his comfort zone to reach a new level of conscious journeying and evolution. Amazingly, he didn’t leap alone.

Every hero meets a mentor on their journey—a long-bearded wizard, a sassy spirit guide, or even a tree—and this hero’s journey was no different. In fact, it was our very own Amy Moonsong who ushered him deeper into the Mysteries by teaching him the art of Patch Tarot. With her guidance, Adam became more aware of his hero-nature, and now he had a sacred map for tracking and understanding his journey. Plus—a kind, warm-hearted friend and mentor to learn with.

They even made a song together, which you can find here on Spotify!

By using Tarot as a sacred tool, he has been able to comprehend and process so much more about his life. Currently, he’s right in the middle of the Patch Tarot hero’s journey—facing the devil and being tempted to slink back into old habits, such as social avoidance and the procrastination of his true passions.

Pulling cards and seeing how they relate to a situation [in my life] really strengthened my trust in my intuition and the divinity that flows through me. It’s been a catalyst for it to flow through more easily, especially in my music.

“For every new level, there is a new devil.” -Dr. A. O. Akoria

All traumas can be met with triumphs, and vice versa. There is an ebb and flow to this journey that can’t be bypassed, and it’s why a supportive community is so important to Adam, and vital for our growth as a collective. For, without “the other,” (human, animal, plant, energy) how could we recognize our true divinity? We are all reflections of the same sacred Source.

I’m still working on overcoming challenges and that’s allowing me to continually engage with the community and share authentically. I still feel a little apprehensive at times, but I know that if I continue to work on getting comfortable being uncomfortable I will be able to overcome it with the community’s support.

To Be Inspired = To Be In-Spirit

In the hero’s journey, this epiphany is known as a “deification” process called “Apotheosis.” Some might call it “Ascension.” At first glance, this term can be intimidating, because we often place unrealistic expectations or associations onto it. Spiritual Ascension is not about becoming something…it is about being that which you are naturally, without force or stress. In the Initiate’s journey, it’s all about becoming fully aware of that essence which you already are.

Music is a universal language, and it’s Adam’s greatest passion. When he creates music, he’s authentically expressing himself as he is, without filters or apology. He’s exercising conscious co-creation with the Creatrix, and it is this harmonious relationship that maintains balance in all of us. The more we are aware of our natural divinity and the loving nature of our universe, the more we’re able to grow, learn, and heal.

The main piece of wisdom I have pertaining to integration [bringing new knowledge to your “old world”] is meditation and present-moment awareness. Meditation is essential to starting my day balanced, and cultivating a daily practice has helped me immensely. Present-moment awareness is key, especially in moments when I’m triggered. Observing how I’m feeling, how my body is reacting, how my mind is analyzing a situation when I’m in the moment, is super beneficial to the growth process and I’m doing it more everyday.

For more of Adam’s authentic wisdom, check out his newest EP: The Hermit’s Tale, featuring Patch Tarot art and a vocal excerpt from the journey of our very own Jordan River!

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