Everyday Magical Things ~ Arrowroot

Arrowroot is not technically a plant, but actually a starch that can be readily obtained from the roots of numerous different plants.

This nutrient-dense starch has been very valuable to a number of indigenous cultures dating back more than 7000 years, and today still remains an important and effective remedy for many health conditions.

One of its most common uses is being a food thickener and is an excellent ingredient in baby formula, rather than other less nutritious forms of starch.

Arrowroot contains significant levels of copper and iron. Together, these minerals make arrowroot very good for preventing anemia, which is characterized by weakness, fatigue, and cognitive disorders. If you find yourself to be a bit underweight or get dizzy easily when you stand up, definitely consider looking into some arrowroot!

Furthermore, by increasing circulation, you encourage oxygenation of your body’s organ systems and extremities, which can boost energy levels. High concentrations of Vitamin B within Arrowroot makes it an important enzymatic and metabolic substance. This means that it helps regulate processes in the body from hormonal release to circadian rhythms.

High levels of Folate in Arrowroot have been found to be supportive of expecting mothers, to prevent neural defects in their unborn child. In fact, it promotes DNA synthesis and healthy cell division, thereby supporting the rapid healing and healthy growth of the child.

Arrowroot is a gluten-free substance, which prevents Celiac disease and gastrointestinal discomfort and pain. This is excellent for those facing a gluten intolerance on a daily basis. Arrowroot also contains high levels of protein than other root vegetables and starches, which is much easier to process than animal proteins.

Finally, it is a very supportive dietary fiber that helps move food through the bowels in an efficient manner, while also stimulating the uptake of nutrients. It also cleans out excess cholesterol, further promoting cardiovascular health.







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