Four Quick Tips For Better Sleep

Better sleep is natural to achieve. Whether we perceive that we are getting perfect sleep right now or not, there are simple things that we can do before bedtime that is guaranteed to communicate to your bodies that the time for rest is upon us.

Getting better sleep is not complicated and not necessarily expensive. We don't necessarily need to purchase highly technical equipment or upgrade our bedroom. We can do straightforward things to work WITH our body's natural functions that will make our night's rest deeper and more effective.

Eat Dinner Earlier

Your body needs sleep, so if you eat your food close to bedtime, your body will continue to digest it and, in essence, not be as restful as it could be. It uses and releases energy into your system while the conscious you are attempting to allow the body to rest. There is a conflict here.

Take A Cold Shower

Your skin is an organ, the largest organ in your body—coolness signals to this organ the messages that are associated with sleep. Taking a cold shower sends this signal to the skin, which then reaches the rest of your organs. The rest of your organs feel this and attune to the vibration of rest. 

We had a Spirit Science friend that was building an online business, and in her routine, she loved getting work done online at night. Many of us love the late-night grind and do not find it ideal for removing it from the habit. She added in a cold shower to her routine and saw immediate results in her energy the next morning. Of course, we should be limiting our EMF exposure before and during sleep. But the cold shower attunes the vibration away from those frequencies into sleep.

Remove Your Pillow 

Do you know that weird hump on the so many people's upper backs? That is not something that our ancestors had. 1) They did not look down at a cell phone 5 hours a day, and 2) they did not sleep with a pillow. Both of these activities engage the upper back and neck muscles. Sleeping with a pillow assists in this engagement of these muscles, and promotes waking up with a sore neck. Your spine is out of its natural alignment when you place a pillow underneath the head (most of the time).

"But I like to sleep on my side!"

Well, then you are not allowing half of your face to breathe. Just try it out for a week (sleeping on your back without a pillow) and judge the results for yourself.

Use Your Subconscious To Assist You

Perhaps most powerfully in terms of these quick tips...utilize your subconscious, which DOES NOT fall asleep. You can communicate with your subconscious to support your restful night's sleep in a variety of ways:

  • Put on vibrational tones via headphones that support sleep.
  • Add a brief journaling exercise before bed each night to get the lingering thoughts out of your head.  When we go to bed not having fully process the day previous and the day ahead, we have a tendency to be in our heads while we sleep, and be very "mental" in our energy.  By journaling out what was done in that day, and what will be accomplished in the day ahead, you can ground yourself in the present moment of sleep.
  • Use affirmations to support your sleep by affirming to your self - verbally and / or in writing - a direct communication / request to have a restful night sleep.


In order to achieve better sleep be sure to do the following:

  1. Eat dinner earlier
  2. Take a cold shower
  3. Remove your pillow
  4. Use your subconscious to assist you

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