Four Quick Tips For Improved Productivity

articles energy updates Sep 12, 2020

Work With The Rhythm Of Your Body

So much of modern productivity is about the efficiency of the machine. Machines don't have biomechanical rhythms in the way that we do. For those that are genuinely into the masculine perspective, this will be more difficult to comprehend. For those with masculine/feminine balance, this will be intuitive. There are times of the day when certain activities are easier for you, and when certain activities find more resistance. There are times of the month—for both men and women —where creativity is flowing and where rest is required. There are seasonal changes that affect mood and motivation, which need different attention.

Express Your Feelings

Maintain a journal and keep your own personal KPIs. Journaling your feelings each day helps you create a log of changes in your mood and behavior to be more objective about optimization. This is right-brain training. If it is not tracked, it does not get done. This is left-brain training. What are the things that you care about most, and what are the outputs that lead to more of those things? Are they easily trackable? If so, track them and watch the growth.

Improve Your Eating Habits

Eat lighter and drink more water. Without going into the specifics of diet, simply decreasing the amount of energy that your body uses in digesting food and increasing the lubrication of that digestion will increase your strength and allow you to do more. Your body uses an incredible amount of energy to digest food. This comes from the same energy source that you rely upon to produce the things you want to create. When you divert that physical energy expenditure into creative energy expenditure, you are, by definition, more productive.

Be Aware Of Your Sexual Energies

Be attune to your sexual energy. Where many people see a lack of productivity, there is a perceived lack in the fulfilment of sexual desires. This subject is all too taboo, but truthfully so incredibly integral to a productive person's routine. Whatever your intimate and sexual desires are, if you perceive that they are not being met, even and especially subconsciously, there is a portion of your attention that is lost and a part of your clarity that is being missed. The feeling of a blissful orgasm is something that is to be desired. There are great pleasure and release. There is excellent fulfillment in sharing this experience with someone else or with yourself. You feel better, more relaxed, and you are back in your body. Being in your body, and in your experience, is what you want if you are attempting to be more productive.

Final Thoughts

So let's recap. In order to increase your productivity, you need to:

  1. Work with the rhythm of your body: You are not a machine. Listen to when your body is the most productive and utilize it.
  2. Express your feelings: Get into the habit of journaling to express your thoughts about your productivity and also make lists of what you need to do.
  3. Improve our eating habits: When you eat healthier and drink more water, you save the energy used for heavy digestion for your creativity instead.
  4. Be aware of your sexual energies: Allowing yourself pleasure and release will clear your mind and body of stress and help you become more productive.

Give these tips a try and see how your life improves.

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