Patch Parables ~ The Parable of the 84th Problem

patch parables video Dec 02, 2019

A man once visited the Buddha, looking for him to help solve his problems. He started to describe his different problems. After he asked for help on one of his issues, the Buddha said that he could not help with that problem.

The man was surprised that the Buddha could not help him, but carried on and asked for help with another problem. The Buddha replied again, saying he could not help him solve that issue either.

The man got impatient. He asked how it was possible that the Buddha is the most perfect, enlightened man, but he can’t even help others solve their problems? The Buddha said one will always have 83 problems in their life. Some will leave, and others will come up and he cannot help anyone with that.

The baffled man then asked, “What can you help me with then?” The Buddha said he could help him with his 84th problem. The man asked what that was, to which the Buddha replied with “That you want to solve your other 83 problems.”

This parable asks us to look at the issues we have in our lives as a whole. The Buddha shows us that it’s not always the most important to focus on every single little issue in our lives. It’s more crucial that we see our problems as a whole, and understand the root where they stem from.

Why do we have the types of issues that we do in our lives? Why do they present themselves in this way, and how can we learn from them? Our problems are merely patterns that we need to understand so fully, that we can move on from these old ways of being.

Shift your perspective that you have a bunch of problems in your life, but rather many lessons to learn and grow from. That will truly make all the difference in your reality.



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