Accept That Life Is Uncontrollable

Do you ever notice the many areas of your life that you try to control? Starting from what time you wake up, how many calories you consume, how much you should spend in a month, and other plans, you try so hard to control your life. However, deep inside, we know that we can only do so much to control what’s happening. Maybe that’s why we try so hard, but something always frustrates us. Don’t you think it’s time to accept that life is uncontrollable?

The Truth About Control

No matter how neatly we try to organize and schedule our days, there’s always something that will pop up that’s not on our list. You may not have planned on buying a new smartphone yet, but your child threw yours in the bathtub. What are you supposed to do, right? That’s going to take some adjustment on your finances because our phones are among the vital tools we use every day, and you need a replacement soon. It’s crucial to have that space in your life where you can accommodate unexpected events and things you have no control over. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks that no one else can do the job as good as you, then your business will never reach its full potential. You can only do so much as an individual. You need to learn to delegate and trust that people will do their best for the growth of the business. Even if you can handle everything, you can only control yourself. You can’t control other people, the market, the weather, and many other things that can’t be listed on your schedule or to-do list. 

The sooner that you accept that so many aspects of life are uncontrollable, the better you will feel. If you do this, then you don’t have to worry about those things anymore. You can focus on the parts of your life that you do have some control over. And even then, all you can really do is hope that things will work in your favor. With so many factors that can affect our lives, there’s no assurance here. So, we do what we can, and then we hope for the best. 

How To Not Be A Control Freak

When you let go of being too controlling, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care anymore. It’s not that you won’t prepare when you know a typhoon is coming because you can’t control that anyway. No, that’s not the way to go about it. There’s a difference between being a responsible person and being a control freak. 

Focus on what’s controllable

Someone who is responsible acknowledges that some things can be controlled, and some are just beyond one’s capabilities. So, don’t allow yourself to be frustrated over that fact. If you can’t change the annoying behavior of your coworker, you can change your attitude instead. How about practicing more patience? Or maybe you can talk with him calmly so that you can communicate your feelings? If his music is too loud or his desk is a mess, and that annoys you, surely there’s a way to encourage him toward the desired behavior without being offensive. 

Know your fears and conquer them

Most of the time, we want to control things because we don’t want anything bad to happen. This is especially true for parents. Some become so stifling with their kids, thinking that their teenagers are doing drugs, so they try to lock them up in the house. It may be that they are doing what they think is best. They love and care about their child, but there’s definitely a better way to handle their situation. Don’t let your fears create limitations for yourself and your family. 

A parent who is confident about how she raised her kids will have enough trust in them to make the right decisions in life. The best thing that any parent can do is to express that trust to their kids and hope that they will do what’s best for their lives. It goes the same for other aspects of your life. In business, there’s an element of risk. The market could crash, suppliers could back out, and clients could stop doing business with you, but what’s in your control is the quality of your products and services. So, focus on that and give your clients the best experience. 

Think of solutions instead of worrying

When you think of uncontrollable areas in your life, it adds up to your stress and worry. You’re feeling overwhelmed all the time because there’s nothing you can do about it. But always go back to step one and think about what can be controlled. You can manage your reaction, your behavior, attitude, and perception of things. So, think of solutions where you can make adjustments to the things under your control. 

Accepting uncertainty is the first step toward having a solution to your worries. The second step is assessing what you can do about it, and then letting go of things that are beyond your control. Give your best effort, make the right preparations, do all the necessary steps, and then when you’ve done all you could, trust and hope that things will work in your favor. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re the kind of person who says, “everyday, I worry all day,” then it’s time to make changes so that you can let go of your worries. Also, remember that you’re never alone in life. You can always ask for help and support from family, friends, and colleagues. You don’t have to do everything by yourself. It’s vital that you also allow others to help you. If you can’t solve a problem, maybe asking for help will take you to someone who can. Life may be uncontrollable, but we can help each other make it more manageable. Trust in the goodness of others, and pass that goodness on as well.  

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