Buddha Nature is in Everything

Consciousness is inherent in everything. Therefore, Buddha nature is inherent in all things as well. This means anything we are able to perceive (as well as that which we’re not) in this reality exists on some point along its own Buddha path, including you. There are multiple beliefs and understandings of reincarnation within Buddhism, just like all religions have their own various schools of thought, however the ultimate point of reincarnation is to achieve liberation through progressive karmic rebirth within the realm of Samsara. This essentially means that once we have been reborn into the form of a sentient being (by way of accumulating “good,” or unifying, karma) we have the ability to awaken to our Buddha nature as we relinquish our attachments and extricate ourselves from the karmic cycle.

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While karma is essential for learning and being reborn into higher, or better, levels within Samsara it’s nothing more than a tool to get us to a point where we may begin to awaken. This worked out for me in my current life by way of accruing so much egoic (bad) karma that my suffering had to reach an apex and force a quantum flip. 

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In addition to karma, psychedelics were absolutely essential to my awakening, because they allowed me to see beyond myself even when I was consumed with my own self interests. While I and a couple others I know have found our Buddha paths through psychedelics there are many other means of broadening our perspective to allow true sight.  

  Meditation, breathing exercises, chanting, ritual: all of these are means by which we may begin to awaken to our Buddha nature. While each of these is different in practice they all serve the same goal of removing consciousness from an individual, ego-centric focus to a broader, unifying center by expanding perception. At their core they’re all the same thing, but due to the dualistic nature of this reality they present as different to us. In fact the Hindi word “yoga” encompasses all of these concepts. It’s quite easy to see this if we were to think of yoga as a workout program for the spirit. Each exercise may be utilizing different muscles and moving things in a different manner, but ultimately it’s all just organized, intentional, practice towards a singular goal.    

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I have mentioned five different methods we may use to awaken to our Buddha nature in this short article, but these are by no means the only ones. Each path is unique. Every being has a different set of skills and drives, and each person’s journey is shaped by these. I can’t tell you what you need to do to awaken, nor can I write my path out for you to follow. What I can do is share my experiences and knowledge with you so that you may find your own way. In the end it is up to each one of us to look within and seek truth. If the psychedelic journey is one which calls to you make a point to educate yourself on them and how they may be used for spiritual growth rather than as a party drug. If meditation sounds right do some research on the various methods and begin to experiment.  

 Achieving full Buddha realization is known as the impossible task. It is to walk a path towards accomplishing something that can not be done and ends by passing through a gateless gate. The journey can seem daunting at first, but once you embark upon it you will understand it as the easiest thing you will ever do. By surrendering to this and letting the path guide you failure is the true impossibility. 

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