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Transcending Perfection with Wabi-Sabi

On this very special day, not only are we enjoying the light of the Full Moon, shifting from Libra Season to Scorpio, and still getting back into full-speed from several Retrogrades going direct...

But we are also celebrating the return of She-Patch! Hurray!

In this special Spirit Science episode, She-Patch is going to break down the inauthenticity in normative beauty standards, and how to overcome them with an ancient practice called Wabi-Sabi.

It's a message we all need to hear sometimes.



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Parkes, G, Loughnane, A....

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Buddha Nature is in Everything

Consciousness is inherent in everything. Therefore, Buddha nature is inherent in all things as well. This means anything we are able to perceive (as well as that which we’re not) in this reality exists on some point along its own Buddha path, including you. There are multiple beliefs and understandings of reincarnation within Buddhism, just like all religions have their own various schools of thought, however the ultimate point of reincarnation is to achieve liberation through progressive karmic rebirth within the realm of Samsara. This essentially means that once we have been reborn into the form of a sentient being (by way of accumulating “good,” or unifying, karma) we have the ability to awaken to our Buddha nature as we relinquish our attachments and extricate ourselves from the karmic cycle.

Watch the Video Here!

While karma is essential for learning and being reborn into higher, or better, levels within Samsara it’s nothing more than a tool to get us to...

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Every single human being has asked the question at least once in their lives, what is my purpose? In my experience the answer that people or religions have given me is less than comforting to say the least. When I started my path of inner work the answer became obvious to me, and what had seemed like religious riddles also started to become more clear. For example in Buddhism, the Buddha says the mind is everything, what we think we become. Pointing to the mind as the creator of reality for the material plane. So in more relative terms, our thoughts are projections and those projections are what we see, think, and feel. This means we ultimately have control of how we want to see the world around us. This concept is also strongly used in Zen. 


Jesus said in the Bible, If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you are not aware of doing the inner work then this message might not find you. However for those who are true seekers this...

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Dear Seeker: Do not Fear, for you are not alone.

Life is not making sense, is it?

Are you ready for the awakening? You thought you knew everything there was to know about the world, about reality. In fact, you were quite comfortable with the worldview you had accumulated over the course of your life. Things were going well. You felt that you were in control and you had no reason whatsoever to enact a change in your life, and yet it has happened all the same.

The world seems to have changed...

Whether it dissolved or completely detonated. The world shifted, right before your eyes. Now you find yourself in this strange, liminal space, a space between worlds. You’ve lived in the old world for so long that this new reality overwhelms you. It may even fill you with equal parts adventure and terror. The page has turned and a new chapter forces its way into your mythic story.

At this point, you are completely unsure of whether or not you are starring in a cosmic adventure, a rude joke, or an utter tragedy.

It isn't the...

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